Not Baidu today let’s say Google

Google, the flow to 5/1, but Baidu exaggerated, my station had hung over GG, do not know which offended, or publicity people to cheat to revenge (on dating hang AD QQ–) GG was first months, 1 months income is around $150, day second a month to start every day there is a malicious click, the station got 20% hits, kinda attention, write to GG it automatically reply, I thought nothing, but the nightmare happened at the end of the month! One day open email found such a letter, visit the web site all GG ads similar to the 404 did not show



my first reaction is immediately written to GG, a wandering man, a bowl of Steamed Rice may determine whether a person is eligible to survive in this world, and GG, as well as to which the malicious click my Steamed Rice to deprive


indeed, second days GG reply dismissed my complaint, I despair, a person wandering in hardship may be at home to eat well dressed will not understand.

started from the minute GG answered the letter to noon on the second day, though I had several hundred dollars, but I didn’t eat anything. Finally, I went home,


returned home, my father looked at me what I didn’t say, I said, if hunbuxiaqu outside. I will not come back, my father and I looked at each other for 10 seconds to feel this time Dad old many, dad said: "come back, come back just fine" when I have a want to cry, but no tears, just nodded and went back to the room

!My family is

by the house rental income, the family are very idle, at first, my father also said, a person can’t always expect what life left by parents, they should break, if you eat and sleep and eat them as a kind of pig, so I just run away, go back and think about their own fool the station actually expect like myself.

people get up and think more naturally. Then they think carefully, they don’t know what to do. Why do you want me to advertise? What’s GGK? I’m not too dominant,


I think a bigger, especially foreign goods in Chinese want to mix, it should have its own unique characteristics and reputation! This ADSEN really flattered, now I want to see! Said that Baidu had previously been demanding! Actually I don’t think you are eligible to join Baidu Union, you are not qualified to do GG. Because as long as you engage your number will be really


as the most populous country in the world in the mix and the second search engines, GG choice is blocked to tackle problems, some Chinese advertising unit, you do not want to say, but GG? We put it when God holds, it divides us improper people to open, invalid click not by technology but by means of block titles to solve the problem of


once I >

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