Wang Jianhua stationmaster station is built the key is to make good use of immediate resource


statement here, I write the purpose of this article is read completely, "inside ten years Baidu development strategy Chinese webmaster sorrow" this article feelings, write down some ideas and suggestions, is a book review, author of stationmaster didn’t attack.

The following

back to the topic, I think the webmaster of sorrow, and Baidu and Baidu to ask what the exclusive home page, Baidu Post Bar, Baidu space and so on has nothing to do, personally think that now the biggest sorrow is every webmaster, the published text and tried hard thinking to arbitrary soft, (of course, including me, because I this station the ranking, to collect the money, so write text is necessary, but I is different, not to write text and to write text, is to their own way, encounter things down, add their own feelings into the article), in order to collect the text and collection collected by others (I, the article is reproduced, not responsible for their own links tend to change, presumably because they are funny, no matter from the station, or keyword rankings are unrealistic Friends, after reading, can tell which is the original, also will resent this site from the heart), in order to rank and ignore the information content itself, in order to SEO at the expense of the user experience and feelings, is the so-called source in the search engine ranking sad.

            another tragedy originated from the promotion, a few days ago I published an article on the use of "webmaster website promotion QQ group learning", wrote several simple, webmasters to promote their site advertising, webmaster propaganda own site, individual in order to your site, more is to the station, they send advertising, one hand to endure the leader’s ignorance, on the other hand depends on the group’s face, actually do not want to group T, but the technique is too garbage, that is not to face, after all, to manage it people, not because of sympathy for your open source, then the rest of the people if such a low level of advertising management to how! And the third kind of sad, is more common, the webmaster will also no free will every hour and moment Oh, that is not to use the available resources, just to complain, to compare, for example, the new Baidu exclusive home, the first not to speak and listen to others, to understand their own, to go to the application, comparison, evaluation, I found that there are a lot of people, more love follow a certain topic, said the garbage station, he said, to hear the words, through the group, forum to publish, and it wasn’t even at this station, again, now artificial very laborious, so we are looking for promotion, sending software, then you have heard that a certain large software vulnerabilities so, the poor effect of software and so on, and then the group will appear such rumors.

then turn back and say, this Baidu launched exclusive home page, I believe everyone has done blog, feel this home page and blog have very similar, also can say with QQ space have a spell, >

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