The advertising effects of classified information websites are worthy of attention

city information website operation is very hard, there are a lot of information users unconsciously. Some illegal information and repeated information need to be regularly cleaned. Although the administrator has set up an illegal word shielding, but information still have a way to put the word apart, or variants to send. People. Impossible to guard against the hard only, operation of city information webmaster peers can experience. The city information network maintenance effort, promotion difficult, it is difficult to profit, as everyone knows. But the city classified information website still has its special. The special is its advertising effect. With these antecedents, combined with their own experience to the operation information of small ads in the website, then write this "concern the classification of information website advertising effect" article, in ADMIN5 Webmaster Station and the webmaster exchange.

may we have experience, the information published in the city classified information on the site easily indexed by search engines. With the information small advertising website as an example (, many users of the information can be included in the search engine to a good position soon after the release of information, attracted many customers. So information small ads website popularity began a day more than a day up.

This is because the

city classified information website has a common advertising effect. It is the effect of advertising city classified information website is the website of other industries can not be compared, therefore, more importance of the city classified information website, and ordinary people are inseparable. The city information classification information website stationmaster is representative of offbeat "media" the.

speaking of offbeat media, advertising information carrier refers to non orthodox, such as television, radio, newspapers and magazines, city classifieds site, make full use of the Internet network information unique flexibility, timeliness and more and more people pay attention to. There are advantages of orthodox media are unable to substitute. Master city classified information website this offbeat media operation, analysis and promotion, bring in the advertising effect is good for users at the same time, the city classified information website to get more attention, the city classified information website to obtain the attention value is reflected more fully and more information published information and publicity. The formation of internal quality: a contributed by users of the brand information platform. It internal website quality, do not worry about traffic.

small advertising network information release is very simple, direct visitors free release function, without registration, directly issued directly display. This convenience settings, it is also one of the factors to attract users to publish all kinds of information of life. We always think that the development of city classification information website should be to the people in the city classification information. Information website to attract more users to send information at the same time, to promote the city to strengthen the classified information website website, this promotion must have their own personality, outstanding people need the convenience of living should be to provide convenient and effective information. The real issue, all kinds of city letter > for the user query

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