nvesting in the nternet is not just about making money

My name is Wang Shigang

, a teacher from Career Academy, came out from the very remote rural areas, is a real children of the mountains in 2005, international economy and trade major of Jilin Institute of Chemical Technology graduate, after graduating from the University as a teacher, I am in our village this ten years only one out of the college students, 18 years ago, every mountain cattle, was the local people called cowherd Wang erxiao, parents are farmers, is the day to do farm work, when I received a high school admission notice, they cry, not happy, because can not afford the high tuition fees, the family sold into all the valuable after that, in the community of good people to help, I finished the county key high school, when I went to college that day did not take a penny, I know I must strive to do college A lot of work, do a dishwasher, selling books, selling commodities, to give people a computer, do a tutor, together a total of more than 20 jobs, accumulated enough social experience, earn enough their living expenses, thanks to my school, so I owe the tuition for four years so I can study at school, while working side of life, while less tuition, go to school, I finished my four years of college life.

          when I found work, thanks to the help of my colleagues, I also borrow money on tuition, I successfully got the dream has long been the university graduation certificate, in the second years I wanted to make money, to pay off all debts just have a little savings. Career Academy founded Chinese investment network, after more than a year of operation, in the most difficult time, the family owed electricity blackout, more than a month, every day, candles, while the university teaching, while investment website, who would think of a university teacher to cool Steamed Buns, investment in the Internet, who will not the thought was a small mountain cattle, has now started the IT industry, sometimes I think of all feel very funny, because of poverty, the girl friend left me, I am often asked, your success is still more Far? I’ll answer in the same general sentence: "one thousand and five hundred meters ahead."." A lonely and persistent personal webmaster, I realize the deepest. Started as a network to make money, when I fell in love with this industry, I changed, which may be determined by the characteristic of my occupation, when I see my students fail to find a job, I changed my mind, China Career Academy network has the responsibility to build a better for them the employment platform, more of a responsibility, the responsibility of an entrepreneur.

            when I put China Career Academy business plan published in the online, many investors received a phone, but most of them are rushed to the money, because I figured that China at present a total of 1109 Career Academy, Career Academy China network is a web portal which website can synchronous online reporting on all Career Academy, compared to all of the education website, we are more.

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