Baidu spider workflow detailed

first, Baidu spider is very active, often look at your server logs, you will find Baidu spider grab frequency and quantity are very large. Baidu spiders visit my station almost every day and grab at least dozens of pages. My station has only opened less than 3 months, the number of pages has not been perfect, but Baidu spider activities have been quite impressive. A lot of capture is Baidu’s strong point, and any other search engine can’t compare. But Baidu Chinese page number is not the biggest, Baidu spider crawl frequency and web update related. Every day updated site will attract Baidu spider more frequent visits.

second days in the morning to open the site, actually found from Baidu to more than 100 IP! Miracle, Baidu spider has such an air, check, halo, a night time, was collected more than 2000 pages?


second, I noticed, spiders seem to be more focused on the factors inside the page. Google and pay more attention to internal, a little taste of reptiles, darker and more deep, more it is to fall in love, you do not believe, 100 pages, more beautiful, as long as the link is not level, ha ha, you feel shy, the most lonely included a little East West poor. My first two stations were open for less than a month, and very few external links were available. But because of its structure is relatively hierarchical, and some of the less competitive keywords in Baidu’s ranking is not bad.

third: if you want to rank first, the target keyword should be completely matched in the page.

fourth: Baidu ranking algorithm is based on Web pages, less attention to the theme of the entire web site. Linked to the last point, which shows that the Baidu ranking algorithm pays more attention to the internal structure, the lack of complete semantic analysis. So some of the more current about site: between those so-called "search quality" thing, not Baidu spider is the most sensitive,

fifth: Baidu is not the so-called optimization confused!! to optimize GG far from Baidu Baidu seems sensitive, especially disliked the so-called optimization, do not know what method — my view is that the current most advanced optimization methods seem to Baidu not what a big role, so we are doing. The robot is a little brain dead, but the Baidu IT is not to eat plain white rice Kazakhstan, to know that he is the world’s most advanced Chinese search, GG search, in Chinese this fast, ha ha, not say it): no more than


sixth: make full use of one of the biggest advantages of Baidu — we may feel that it is difficult for us to advantage well: Oh, indeed is available, Baidu included speed can be used to describe the mass, because of speed, it gives us the space that can be used, or to come back! When it comes to Optimization:) – although Baidu does not catch cold to optimize, but as long as you optimize the way friendly, can still play a good effect, I agree with the amount of optimization as in the end — > optimization!

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