Emotional foundation to create web pages emotional design re creation of web pages

web design seems to have reached a bottleneck, and it seems that creativity is hard to break through. But in fact, the web design still has room for development, many people say that depends on the details, and the details should rely on emotional design in order to break through.

is often more expensive than just a few goods, but people think luxury clothes are of good quality. In the same way, web pages need these lines.

emotional design comes from life. Since it is emotion, it can not be separated from reality. For example, in England, pedestrians often have buttons on the road crossing, and automatically change to green light as soon as the button is crowded. So we can very good use of web pages, forums have "rob building" function, many rob building is what time, what time?. But there’s no need to do so. For example, how many people press "I’m ready" or how many people on the page have access to the "automatic" rush, which would be more interesting? I think so.

emotional design should abandon the inherent thinking. In the design of web pages, we all pay attention to the beautiful, classic, atmospheric, these very broad terms, to the point is to pay attention to the first sense. At this time, our thinking has been pinned down. We can try to think about some questions. "Must the sign be in the upper left corner?" "must we use gorgeous colors?"". More should exercise a lazy thinking, mind should think about how to use the simplest way to complete, the simplest effect may be better, the most concise is also a kind of beauty. We often have to design some sidebar, such as the green color on the left and the columns with many effects. This is often the first idea we designed. But you can look at the right, the same content, but in a very concise way to express, the atmosphere is also convenient.

emotional design to experience perception. What is the perception experience? What you make out of yourself, as an unfamiliar web page, what do you feel about visiting?. I spent time and energy on one of my shopping websites and finally made a mobile client. After the experiment, we found that the shopping key should be pressed very many times. This really affects the shopping experience. It means that we don’t buy it at a price, which leads to the loss of users. To this end, I deliberately use the Taobao client. I found that Taobao mobile client solution for the shopping button is very good, but still inadequate. The address on the phone is forwarded to the computer, which shows the contents of the mobile terminal, and the full version of the button is not found. If you want to recommend a friend to buy it, this is a fatal flaw.

emotional design to impress customers. The reason why social development is red is largely because people like to communicate with people, not machines. So your web page design can give the user emotional dependence. Windows has a very classic example, is the boot, you are welcome. This welcome you, and no technical difficulties, but it gives a very warm feeling. So, you might as well add some warm tips to your web page. For example, in the morning >

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