How to be a station master

webmaster, as the name suggests, is to have a website of its own.

first you have to register a top-level domain name (CN or com), do not know where to register, linkpower network self registration price is cheaper. With the domain name, but also to buy a space to store the content of the site. What’s more, the design and development of the website. A lot of friends will say, "I haven’t studied anything. I haven’t finished reading in junior high school. Typing has just learnt. I can only chat online, and I don’t have one.". Not to mention design and development.. That we are not gone.." I can tell you, as long as you are a person with eyes and hands, you can become a webmaster. (sympathy for disabled friends)

how do you build your own website,


there are many ready-made programs on the Internet now. Download them and upload them to your own space. Simple and convenient. Recommend several home source download station boss. China stationmaster station veteran stand. Home of the home source code, every day there are many rich procedures for you to download. Like what kind of station, you choose what kind of program download. You’d better choose the ASP and PHP programs because there is a lot of room for it. Relatively mature, more common. In the future, if you want to learn the program, it is simpler than others. Of course, there has been a certain basis for the station, you can choose content management system CMS site, more professional.. The current owners with more CMS is a new cloud CMS (ASP), wind (ASP), DEDE (PHP), phpcms, of course there are many blog blog can be selected, Z-BLOG (ASP), PJBLOG (ASP), WordPress (PHP) etc.. If you want to do a webmaster, I think nothing is too difficult for you to see that, to the domestic several well-known webmaster forums to see if stationmaster net (, laggards Forum ( Chinese station (, what do not understand, can look up to Baidu, or go directly to the Baidu know the questions, add some webmaster QQ group, many enthusiastic owners more willing to help.

has its own website, and the next is the key to a successful station. Enrich the content of the website and the effect of website promotion. Of course, the content of the original best, adhere to their station, updated every day, there is no original copy on the Internet, through their own improvement, not original, it will become original.. If you have the ability to write, I would like to point to and their website related articles, to the major forums (recommended several well-known Forums: Sina forum, Tianya community, mop, hodgepodge) post, which is called soft text… Site traffic is the key, traffic up, you can make money.. Go to major leagues to sign up for an account number

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