Cross border business enterprise website operating strategy and product drainage methods

to do cross-border electricity supplier either independently or in the operation of the website platform to shop, all cannot do without their site operation and drainage, each of which is the electricity supplier team or sellers are now trying to do so, the website operation and drainage need what method? What skills do you have in operation?

1, the overall understanding of Internet Marketing

usually when we’re doing a website, it’s not just a website, it’s something we need to do to recognize and control the entire website. And website operation, the most important thing is to clearly know what the user needs, what users want to find, we are to provide them with a precise and feasible operation plan.

Internet marketing tree from the above we can see that the site is around the trunk, some policy website, but the trunk the branches above is our various promotion means, such as search engine, PPC, SEO etc.. Therefore, when we operate the website, we should know exactly what channels it has outside of the station. What is its theme?.

from the above we can see that a website operation must have a full internal framework, there should be systematic thinking first to build a good web site; secondly to Neiwaijianxiu, mentioned here refers to the site inside and outside the site itself, website promotion, website and drainage the chain construction method.

in addition, the website’s operation also must pay attention to the implementation details, the website compares with many third party platforms, if does not accumulate the time to carry out to the detail, generally very difficult to produce the effect.

two, enhance the site conversion rate of

after the website layout and page do well, we still have to consider from what respect to raise a website, the user came, why to stay time is not long? Why is there no conversion rate? Why isn’t there a deeper level of access? So we’ll have to think about fine-tuning to get better results on the site.

1, page content

in the web page content we need to consider whether the content of the page is useful information, can increase the residence time of the user, the page content to have the visual sense, we can put some pictures and video with text, pictures to the customer to let the customer feel, clearly understand that whether the content of the page useful information.

we should also pay attention to a clear picture, the collocation of color and font settings should be reasonable, text paragraphs clear, concise sentence, not long winded. Finally, do not forget the layout of the page to be reasonable, the user wants to know the contents of the home page.

2, website speed

speed is one of the most important things that affects a user’s ability to open a web site

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