Many personal websites to close the nternet grassroots ecological chain urgent concern

started by BT, the Internet anti pornography campaign has been upgraded to all domestic websites, from grassroots webmaster to IDC (Internet data center, that is the place of hosting server) and domain name provider. While cleaning the environment and pulling out weeds, a large number of grassroots personal websites are also faced with a narrow living environment.

many personal websites shut down

for the "webmaster", a new round of remediation comes without warning, the only hint is CCTV reported. Since the beginning of December 7th, CCTV numerous programs bombing "network yellow illegal information dissemination", caused the CNNIC domain name and inventory management regulations Ministry issued the provisions of the domain name, the domain name holder requires the establishment of a blacklist mechanism; and provide the domain name transfer to another user, must re register the website; no record of domain name not be resolved (including jump).


" is often a computer room, found in a machine involving two yellow sites, the entire computer room will be shut down and rectify, and other sites can not be combined with landing." An industry insider, more than a week, Shanghai, Sichuan, Jiangxi, Anhui and many other provinces have emerged, IDC access providers were closed down rectification.

many IDC service providers have launched the whitelist system – only a list of websites can be turned on, and many personal websites have been shut down due to identification problems.

station chief,

is a self proclaimed "small rookie webmaster" yesterday issued complaints, since the relevant regulatory documents issued, the site has been shut down five times, the reasons are "illegal content", until he and IDC signed a pledge: "I guarantee that if the problems caused because the content space is closed to the first the host permanently closed space, and no refund."

many small sites, the original flow is unstable, as soon as there is a broken network, years of accumulation of traffic immediately plummeted, which allows small investment personal Adsense immediately break down italy. Half a month ago, due to broken network pressure, more than 20% of the owners take the initiative to withdraw, most of the monthly profit in thousands of dollars in the small station. The most direct impact of those IDC, and a webmaster also admitted that the storm, IDC losses must be much greater than them.

reporter observed

calls for nurturing entrepreneurial environment

yesterday, in an interview, one that "at the edge of unemployment at any time the master said:" I hope the relevant departments to hear the voice of the grassroots, strengthen supervision, and also do some grassroots initiatives favorable survival." At present, relying on the survival of more than 10000 owners, nearly two years more large numbers of university graduates in order to start business.

, and for the "no record domain name not to be resolved" provisions, the industry also has deep thought. If some foreign legitimate websites cannot resolve the domain name because they have no record, they will be unable to access the risks

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