Analysis of the soft article writing skills to guide Double cooked pork slices

soft writing skills, there are wonderful fried Double cooked pork slices and different approaches but equally satisfactory results.

sometimes, we see a soft, there is a feeling of deja vu, if things go on like this, we feel insipid.

regardless of Caroline, dry red pepper, cowpea Double cooked pork slices, Double cooked pork slices Double cooked pork slices, pickled cabbage, Lian Bai bracken Double cooked pork slices Double cooked pork slices, garlic, garlic bolt Double cooked pork slices Double cooked pork slices Double cooked pork slices and so on, the taste of the oil but not greasy, will not let people eat to feel very uncomfortable, but also a sense of satisfaction.

this is Double cooked pork slices subtlety, do two words in the key Double cooked pork slices, fine, the more simple, we should more carefully. Cooking skills is fried, stir fried, blasting, four methods of integration, the cooked food with a flavor derived from the four characteristics of law.

tell the following techniques:

soft writing Double cooked pork slices

with the number of Internet audiences growing exponentially every year, online advertising has a very good prospects for development.

The attraction of

online advertising lies not only in its amazing growth rate and lower cost, but also in its strong interaction and creativity.

creativity is for web copywriting, which is what we often call soft text. Creative soft is a narrative, expository prose, essays, novels and so on, the six dimensional form of a variety of genres, practices also can be flexible, the introduction of the eyes and ears.

Double cooked pork slices both form and content from the transformation of a piece of meat for a piece of extraordinary meat, rose to a qualitative change.

a soft Wen how to achieve qualitative change, pseudo original is one of its common way.

first, take a good title, let soft Wen is no longer a common block of meat, but is a characteristic and attractive fragrant Double cooked pork slices. Many people in order to really make the search engine that their article is original, and a title change beyond recognition, this kind of result is not desirable. Because it’s meat all the time.

secondly, the creative modification of content. Fried Double cooked pork slices, put a little oil, it is best to boil cooked vegetable oil, vegetable oil and meat in the lard integration, and more suffering of the smell. It should be hot pot after the boil has been cooked into the oil, vegetable oil and meat in the lard integration, and more suffering of the smell, add garlic seedlings as ingredients, add a sweet.

text content is also an important reference factor for its relatively original, we know that modifying the text is very time-consuming, we have to see how to quickly modify the content of it:

to write the first paragraph, as important as the introduction, if you have the energy to read, summarize, on the home page, if you don’t have time to watch, it is very simple: look at the last available summary, mostly at the end of the article are summarized, put it to the first paragraph. Another is their own series, and must bring their own web site keywords.

, however, a soft text, the most important thing is inside

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