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Content Design (content design), that involves product requirements, but also related to (product and user) interactive process of specific links. Only PM will relate to the work of most of the team, under normal circumstances is not based on user demand is how to show the design, rarely involves the interactive link specific also very few people overall to comprehensive thinking content.

asked me some questions last year at the UPA workshop, and to be honest, I didn’t know enough about it myself (at least not as complete as interactive design and information architecture). Recently, I do not want to write something. I always make a pile of draft titles instead of writing them. So I begin to sort out some stray knowledge about the content design. Just the day before yesterday and Tony chatted to "fresh fruit in the user did not log on when the home page" problem, and later in the 360 ring of the party talked about the relevant point of view, then simply write it out…

1, in fact, no product is "difficult", as long as the user has the use of demand, interest, basically all products will become easier. But there are no products that are "useful" and are hard to use if users aren’t using it.

for me, it’s hard to use, because I don’t have any interest, but my brother will find it very useful. Stock software is difficult to use, although I have done for a long time but I really securities system of the pure electronic currency is not cold, so far to see the stock software is faint, but I think that the stock Gtalk good wife.

everything is based on demand and interest, what satisfies the user’s needs is the content, which guides the user’s interest to the initial content".

2, on the "initial content" design, mainly refers to the user is not officially used (not just the "unknown", but no further use log count) what show to them, so that they can (can’t) do what. Its main design principles have a very direct relationship with the user’s cognitive accumulation and purpose.

3, some products "content" do very early, so that users have a certain understanding. As a result, they can let users come in and go straight to the topic.

Apple’s iPhone advertising, the vast majority of content is show, its function, but also in education how to use. No one bought the iPhone and went home to read the instructions, but most of them (except those who didn’t care). Seriously please bypass hand) will be used, this is not just because of its ease of use is very good because it is very early to teach users how to use.

Facebook is also early in the campus to tell students what can be done here, how can how to pick up girls, so many people go to register directly, no need to stroll around". As a result, Facebook can log on without doing anything (but Facebook also considers the initial content when there is no buddy or group after login. This time >

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