45 million of the monthly visits made the site a media empire when he was a child

[Abstract]]Dose.com and OMGFacts.com only last year on the line, the monthly visits have reached 45 million.

BI Chinese station reported on June 7th

Emerson · Spatz (Emerson Spartz) 28 years old this year, married, is the CEO of Spartz Inc company. Spartz Inc is a web media empire, and its more than 30 web sites are devoted to interesting, inspiring and incredible articles and postings, and their share is impressive.

, his most popular two websites, Dose.com and OMGFacts.com, were launched last year, but monthly visits have reached 45 million.

, and it all started when he was 12. That year, he dropped out of elementary school, taught himself programming, and created a web site called Muggle Mugglenet (Harry) · Potter. Later, the site became the most popular Harry ·: Potter fan website.

self taught precocious child

that was in 1999. The Internet has just started, J· K· Rowling has just released the Harry Potter series of the third "Harry · Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban".

Spatz told us, "I persuaded my parents to let me drop out and study at home.". The course was set up by myself, and my parents’ attitude was surprisingly liberal. I’m a precocious child."

he met a man who made web pages for free. He was fascinated by web pages and thought of building a website". He spent a month learning how to do web work, and he never worked out until he finally created the Muggle network.

he liked the site very much, but he didn’t know how to get people to visit it.

: so I sent emails to all the Harry · on the Internet: Potter webmaster. At that time the search engines didn’t show up, so it was an extremely difficult process. I sent thousands of mails, and hundreds of people replied to me. We set up a link on each other’s website so that my site has access."

Muggle network soon became the number one Harry · Potter fans website.

"I have to grow fast because I manage 120 people for hire and volunteer teams.". I am strictly confidential about my age, and if they let me know, I will have to face the fact that members are leaving."

to manage the site, he has to teach, program, write, edit, design, and manage projects and teams.

Muggle network finally grew into a large chat set

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