Local talent net second movement The heavenly maids scatter blossoms

some time ago I wrote a "local talent network" rippa first movement pioneer, he received the QQ news a lot of friends in the same industry, let me feel excited. Some time ago because of too many things, I hope you will forgive me not Xugao.

this time, Baidu has great leap for my site included speed, ranking also rose steadily, but all this for me, have a lovely daughter is me the most happy thing, how hard to see the child, everything vanished.

friends, maybe you may have entered the network in the world, ready to open the fist pointing Jiangshan, only a short while ago I too, I do not know what project you choose, if it is talent network, really hope you can seriously look at what I wrote, because this is my real experience.


a site has been built, looked around, already filled with the enemy, retreat, do not you want to give up the problem, how to network spread like The heavenly maids scatter blossoms. their talent, blaze a trail to kill this is true.

the first step, friendship connection

connection in A5 friendship, you can buy the PR value higher than their own website, must choose the news and the same site, and derived the seller’s site links to the number of control in less than twenty. If your PR value is 0, then I suggest you buy 2 PR value for 2, three days later, I bought a PR3 site, every four days to buy a PR5 site, then every three days to buy a PR5 site. Your PR value rose to 2 when you can stop the PR2 link, buy a PR6 site. One more week to buy a PR7 site. This can be very smooth to drive your PR value forward, and will not be K.

, if your money is limited, you can also exchange links, regardless of the PR value of the other party is a few, as long as the other side of the site structure is good, rich in content, updated every day you can.

second step, hair outside

‘s blog now has no effect. Then align with local websites and publish their own soft text on their website. To each site navigation station application included. For the hot news, timely publication of their meaning, and attached to their web site.

third step, send post

QQ group promotion, production of several funny pictures, attached to their web site, reached the large group of QQ, often published points on the side of the pass, to prepare their own funny pictures sent out. Entertain the public, memorable.

local forum signature, add your own web site above, often reply to some posts, forums are not limited to the local, the whole country is your territory. It is important to note that your speech is in accordance with the law.

fourth step, offline promotion


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