Examples of network marketing techniques for niche websites in big data environment

remember not long ago in the A5 see an article called "hidden in large data environment, entrepreneurial opportunities because I am doing" mainstream website was born, I know the mainstream website promotion and optimization of the difficulty, I suggest that an entry-level webmaster friends may wish to consider the breakdown of categories or shots streaming website directly small website, when a variety of resources this article I read A5 gave me the feeling that big data environment will become increasingly large, which will become increasingly complex, so if you want to do the site in this case, in addition to burn I feel nothing to do, so, below I to share with you this is how to explore the niche sites, how to locate, how to find resources.

first to introduce you to my website "riddle tree" the domain name is registered before I personally feel better so keep it, by chance I met a friend at QQ station riddle in group, then I checked around the "riddle" this words the Baidu index as shown below:


you can see around the "riddle" this keyword popular words are the first three, then I want to do is these three keywords, after 1 months of optimization and content filling effect is as follows:


you can see me to optimize "riddles" as the core of the key words are the ideal ranking "energy-saving" the words also ranked in the 22 place, here is how I do it, I hope to help you.

in order to help you more systematically, I will start from the beginning:

Where did the inspiration for

‘s site come from,


I believe that we all know and many people will believe that "the Internet is basically saturated, as the slow response of the US

to do a popular website is impossible, in fact, because the site is people life, and people’s life is not immutable and frozen, everything is dynamic, the Internet industry is not always the boss, innovation and inspiration comes from life of course I do, "riddle tree" this website just want to use the practice to check my thoughts and practice feasible.

How does

locate websites?

since you have chosen a niche website, then your positioning is mainly those minority groups, and my "riddle tree" position is

those who break, train, work and rest, the people ride the bus, because of my personal work and the company is far from so I know this part of the person’s mood, as I felt I would love my own "riddle tree", because the riddle advantage is not only the content of the short, and very fun.

How do you find


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