How do do this emotional counseling community

will first introduce the Campanulaceae emotional counseling community, emotional counseling community is committed to creating the best psychological counseling network platform, to build a good communication platform for counselors and help


from the beginning of February 14th this year, on-line operations, daily traffic in constant breakthroughs, then why will traffic steadily rise? Here I share with you my practice (if not good, please do not scold me yo)

1. links links with large related sites – pay attention to relevancy and update frequency;

2. pay attention to the optimization of keywords, including title and website, keywords and so on.

3. try to make the article original, even if it is reprinted, please change the title and the beginning of the article;

4. learns to earn more traffic by analyzing traffic statistics – data analysis

Platycodon emotional counseling community is now free of charge for the Chinese webmaster members of friends to provide psychological counseling service

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