Zhao Gang what does the stationmaster make money

the rapid popularization of the Internet, creating a large number of Internet sites to make money by practitioners! Webmaster army more and more! But tens of thousands of webmaster, not much money, basically follow 28 principles! Thus, poor webmaster have not thought about why? From the news portal to a search engine to B2B navigation recently, SNS, we did not catch it, not our fault! But in addition to that, is not more to find their own reasons?

yesterday in a professional forum to promote the bubble, to find how to be a super rich webmaster [Master] visits lectures; listen to feel very practical, but more confused! Lecture has repeatedly stressed that the webmaster want to learn to tap the hidden value: technology advantage, resource advantage, interpersonal relationship, hobbies, and examples; and expand profitable ideas: pre copy: copy is already successful site pages, content, products, etc., as long as you can see, you can come out of the analysis, the overall copy! These are EASY! Webmaster is the basic skills of

!But the

is more trouble, you want to copy its mode: the profit pattern, mode of soft promotion or bidding, or other; then you can succeed! You can do a rich webmaster! Oh, I agree that, after all, for a considerable part in confused webmaster, this is the best way, and the probability of success is the biggest! But if we really want to make money is to rely on the website promotion, promotion in action! This is the priority among priorities


every webmaster all have their own ideas, have their own ideas! If the Alibaba Ma Yun did not flicker, can be today’s Ali? Now Ma Yun also from time to time in front of the media exposure, the purpose is very simple, is the promotion of their own promotion! Is a generalization of Ali, because everyone knows Ma Yun = Ali in fact, Ma Yun venture group! At that time, the electronic commerce has a lot of people do, what he wants to do is not very creative, but successful, because Ma Yun Ali successful promotion to the masses of


Shi Yuzhu’s success is expounded the importance of promotion every day, CCTV and local stations naobaijin bombardment, is to let more people know it! So, you don’t hesitate, as long as the platform to promote their own! Don’t be afraid of others to copy themselves, he copied their own website, copy don’t

your brain!

SEO, the soft, the chain, every day do not have promotion! So many webmaster meet, if you don’t know how to get it to A5, CHINAZ, out of date; if you don’t know how to promotion, then I suggest you to tui18 in a push camp; if you don’t know how to build the site you recommend Chinese station network

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