The inevitable end of the small fish empire or the change of history

as the romance of the Three Kingdoms, opening a cloud, the long, long time. The word "Tao" makes historical changes. Their wise and incisive words again, unfortunately, the huge fish community Kingdom, accompanied by a negative impact moderator management disagreement collective job events and greatly brought the popularity and has been steadily falling, momalibing pig (http://s., dingniu community community ( is quietly rising rapidly, instead of great potential. However, the accumulation of millions of years of small fish community users, to complete the migration is not an easy task overnight, the three major communities in Xiamen has formed a momentum of hegemony. What is the harmonious musical instruments, and shine, or blood is three feet Losers are always in the wrong., speaking from the fuse incident?.

southeast morning post June 1st morning, Xiamen famous local portal fish community (hereinafter referred to as xmfish) surprised the "webmaster" incident, the more than 10 moderators resigned, the event was immediately raise a Babel of criticism of the media. The network spread a kind of view, this event is actually the fish community Chen orchestrated by the founder of "show", in this regard, Chen explicitly denied yesterday evening. The small fish network also released yesterday afternoon "fish, fish and the community" BBS announcement, the whole event was explained and commented, said some of the moderator is inexplicably canceled, not intentionally left.

fish announcement

part of the moderator inexplicably canceled

it is understood that the reason to run small net moderator team said in his resignation statement in the book is, because there are serious differences on community development route and direction, and after all the moderator full communication, negotiation, the moderator team decided to resign.

xmfish team responsible person said that in this incident, some netizens questioned xmfish commercial users, stand up to defend the small net, there are users choose to leave, caused great harm to the fish community.

commercialization of small fish network, the person in charge said that the concept of commercialization is difficult to unify, for small fish network, commercialization is actually the process of corporate management.

to May this year, small fish network moderator team for 40 people, full-time 50 people part-time. Small net operations team consists of two parts, one part is the company’s technology and operations team, the other part is the obligation of voluntary amateur moderator team, the two team were founder of "Xiamen fish" (i.e., Chen) and website administrator ADMIN. The head of the two teams receives the wages paid by the small fish net, and is responsible for the communication and handling of all matters concerning the small fish net.


announcement revealed that in the "fish" are confused in the event of sudden departure is responsible for the selection of the team manager ADMIN and moderator, "not every webmaster understand this edition of the main Exodus events, their account is inexplicably > moderator

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