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            Olympic Chinese (www.aoyunchina.com) was founded in 2003, opened in the past five years, has experienced several changes, from the early simple news release, evolved into a set of Olympic Games comprehensive database, instant news release, the Olympic Games information and Internet interaction as a whole the network platform. The 08 Beijing Olympic Games approaching, the Olympic China with several years of accumulated experience, after half a year, well produced, experienced three times of frequent revision, we in the continuous improvement, continuous improvement, and strive to build the Olympic Olympic Chinese into first-class service platform, strive to be the newest, fastest and most complete information of the Olympic Games first time presented to the majority of Internet users, we will all have succeeded in carrying out an assignment!

            as a new portal site, the Olympic China determined to create the most comprehensive and best Olympic information website, the firm and confident bearing is not only the responsibility and mission, more is the whole team to glory and dream. In order to provide users the most authoritative and most fast, the most accurate and most comprehensive, the most massive and smooth Olympic news and information service, we constantly improve the original Olympic Olympic Chinese filling cover information, preparing for the Olympic Games, the Olympic Games video, pictures, etc., the Olympic Games schedule more than 20 channels and the community the column, at the same time according to the contents of orchestrated a series such as the Olympic torch, tickets for the Olympic Games, the Olympic volunteers, the Olympic economy and other characteristics of special columns. These marks the Olympic Games China has been fully armed for the arrival of the 08 year Olympic Games in Beijing, is being deliberately taken place.

          Olympic Chinese version of the mature mainstream technology, with a red yellow decorative theme, simple and elegant. The whole design of harmony and unity, beautiful appearance, simple and clear structure, convenient use, after the revision of the column service, interactive, functional and practical, comprehensive content and other aspects have been significantly improved, these changes are for the Olympic Games to China stage transformation has laid a solid foundation.

            all the efforts, all of them will confirm that the Olympic Games, we are ready, we have confidence, we are confident that we can win this battle, the Olympic Chinese will create a national Olympic gluttonous feast.

            cheer for the olympics! >

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