What kind of website can gain benefit in the short term

most webmaster site is in order to obtain benefits, whether honor or money. But doing simple, promotion has become difficult. As a result, the IP of the website is not much, natural advertisement also won’t bring income, so what kind of website can gain gain in short-term? Here, I would like to introduce three kinds of friends, who have just built a website, may consider developing in this respect.

1, service web site. The website mainly relies on the paid service to obtain the benefit, therefore does not need to have too many IP, so long as your IP all is effective, IP is enough. For example, my station mainly rely on the website profit, we are college students build team, in good faith, low price, high speed for the purpose of the site built, although only one month, but has received a lot of customers, but also have some income.

for such sites, SEO simple and quick, because the professional industry keyword competition is relatively small, my station has done a low price site, this keyword Baidu, YAHOO, Google’s first. Then there is the post to the relevant forums, or in the supply and demand information website, you can make a profit in the short term. If you have a certain technology (flash design, graphic design, etc.), you may consider making profit in this respect. My station is id186.cn, want to develop in this respect the friend can refer to below.

2, run net wangzhuan. There will be a lot of Baidu search, this website is registered all Wangzhuan network members, such as click, fill in the questionnaire, the development of offline. This website will show all Wangzhuan (usually abroad) for the registration and use of the Raiders, and used ID to provide registration, by the development of offline profit.

3, do garbage stations, a lot of advertising. At present, there are many advertising Union, the most common is Google Adsense, and the other there are Ali mother, Baidu theme promotion, chain League, results network, and so on. This kind of website mainly relies on advertising revenue, website content updates frequently, and should pay attention to search rankings, add a lot of attention to the content of the current. Don’t be afraid to advertise everywhere. In this way, there will be a good amount of IP in the short run, and advertising will have revenue. However, such a station can not stick to the people, the first impression of the tourists is not good (because there are too many advertisements), and the search engine is not very friendly, and it may be K at any time, only short-term benefits can be obtained.

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