Prince Harry Attends Americas Warriors Games

first_imgPrince Harry started the first event of America’s Warrior Games this week as a leading Forces charity said it was determined to help The Prince bring the championship to Britain.Prince Harry at America’s Warriors GamesCredit/Copyright: Prince Harry set off a group of injured troops in the hand-cycle event he said the sporting spectacle for wounded servicemen and women could be a huge global attraction like the Olympics.The Prince helped launch the Paralympic-style competition yesterday when he joined Olympic swimmer Missy Franklin and blind US Navy Lieutenant Brad Snyder in igniting a large symbolic flame during the Games’ opening ceremony.Bryn Parry, co-founder of Help for Heroes, which has funded the British team’s participation in the Warrior Games, said that with Prince Harry’s help an international competition for wounded servicemen could take place in London next year.Standing on the start line at the US Air Force Training Academy in Colorado Springs, The Prince told spectators and the competitors lined up in front of him: “You’ve got the Olympics, you’ve got the Paralympics and you’ve got the Warrior Games, there’s no reason why the Warrior Games shouldn’t be recognised world wide, with the same amount of attention as the Olympics and Paralympics.”Gesturing to the large number of broadcasters, photographers and journalists, The Prince added: “You’ve got all these guys here – it’s not always great having them around – but today it’s fantastic to get the message across to every other country that has eyes on here at the moment.”In a speech yesterday given ahead of the Warrior Games opening ceremony, Prince Harry said: “I only hope in the future, the near future we can bring the Warrior Games to Britain and continue to enlarge this fantastic cause.”

Bryn Parry, co-founder of Help For Heroes, said before the start of the cycle race: “If Harry can set up the vision, we can make it happen.”

Mr Parry said high-profile events for injured veterans would become “vital” to keep their lifelong need for support in the public eye once Britain pulls out of Afghanistan. “We’ve got to keep doing events to elicit pride and support,” he said. “We’ve got to keep these individuals in the public eye even if we have peace.”

Martin Colclough, head of physical recovery for Help For Heroes, said that if he was a betting man he would put money on a Warrior Games-style event happening in London in 2014, with US, Australian and other Allied nations taking part.

He said: “For me that would be the goal. We’ve had it in mind for a while, that we could pull off something like that. I would bet on it happening next year. There is considerable momentum coming from various organisations.”

He said morale in the British camp was “incredibly high” because of Prince Harry’s presence: “A colleague and a peer coming along and supporting your team – I don’t think you can measure how much that would have added to the effort the guys are going to put in today.”Prince Harry, who is touring the US, was later given a tour of the air force base hosting the cycling races and also had an American football training session, during which he watched a display of gymnastics by the cheerleaders.

Before leaving he presented the medals in one of the women’s cycle races, kissing the recipients on both cheeks.Source:PrinceHenryOfWales.orglast_img read more

Madonna Helps Build On Elizabeth Taylors Charity Legacy

first_imgThe Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation (ETAF) is pleased to announce a number of initiatives that build on Elizabeth Taylor’s legacy and passionate commitment to raise awareness and find a cure for HIV/AIDS.In Malawi, ETAF has partnered with Madonna’s charitable organization Raising Malawi to bring the HIV/AIDS prevention and testing program Grassroot Soccer (GRS) into the communities where Raising Malawi recently built ten schools. The program will also include Raising Malawi’s partners in the Mulanje region, one of the highest HIV infection areas in the country.Grassroot Soccer (GRS) is an impactful program that uses the power of soccer in Africa to teach HIV/AIDS preventions as well as provide testing to young people.“I’m excited to partner with The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation to expand Grassroot Soccer’s HIV prevention programs in Malawi,” said Madonna. “I’m passionate about education especially and these programs give girls and boys the tools they need to live healthier, more productive lives. Elizabeth Taylor was a role model for many, including myself! She devoted a large part of her life to making the world a better place. I know she would be pleased to see her work continue in the fight against AIDS. “ETAF, in partnership with Global AIDS Interfaith Alliance (GAIA), currently funds mobile medical clinics in Malawi and is pleased to announce the addition of two more for a total of five in the Mulanje region.In total, the ETAF will award more than $1 million in grants in 2013 to organizations that focus on education, prevention and harm reduction as well as direct services including food & nutrition, housing, direct care and hospice for people living with HIV/AIDS.These announcements fall on the heels of the recent hiring of ETAF’s first Managing Director, Joel Goldman. Goldman will work closely with The Elizabeth Taylor Trust and ETAF’s Grants Director, Bill Misenhimer, to continue Elizabeth Taylor’s commitment to help those affected by HIV/AIDS. Misenhimer worked directly with Elizabeth Taylor from the time of ETAF’s inception, overseeing grants to 600 organizations in 31 countries and 40 U.S. states.Elizabeth Taylor’s children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren are taking active roles as ambassadors for The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, offering their voices and talents to continue Ms. Taylor’s legacy in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Grandson Quinn Tivey recently completed a photojournalism project that examined the core work of his grandmother and of ETAF. Quinn’s project went live on Wattpad on World AIDS Day. Each story is introduced with a forward by actress Nina Dobrev (Vampire Diaries). To view, please click here.As part of Elizabeth Taylor’s passionate commitment and fearless leadership in the fight against HIV/AIDS, she directed that 25% of all royalties from her name and likeness go to The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation – including from White Diamonds, the most successful celebrity fragrance of all time.Because a portion of Elizabeth Taylor’s name and likeness royalties fund ETAF’s operating costs, 100% of donations to The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation go directly to helping people affected by HIV/AIDS. To learn more or to make a donation please visit Newswirelast_img read more


first_img Twitter The CFC is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. To commemorate this milestone, we’ve introduced a “30 things” series on our website – four stories that share 30 facts, memories, insights and/or pieces of information about the CFC, inspired by occurrences in our 30-year history. The first, which you can read HERE, explored 30 of the groundbreaking, award-winning and flat out awesome film, television, interactive and VR productions that CFC has had a hand in making in its 30 years.The second piece in this series focuses on 30 interesting insights, facts and pieces of information that you might not know about the CFC – from our unique campus being located on the historic Windfields Estate in Toronto, to our history of ghost activity, and some of the impressive guests who have visited the CFC over the years.1.Norman Jewison in the Sobey Empire Theatre at the CFC (photo by Peter Bregg)We’ll start off with one fact you probably already know: Norman Jewison, renowned and award-winning filmmaker, established the Canadian Film Centre (originally called the Canadian Centre for Advanced Film Studies) in 1988, fuelled by his passion for storytelling and his commitment to emerging Canadian talent.2.Christopher Plummer (second from the left) with Norman Jewison (centre) at a fundraising event for the CFC The first fundraising event that Mr. Jewison hosted to secure funds to open the CFC – and to spread word of its impending opening – was centered around a screening of John and the Missus, where guests were welcomed by Christopher Plummer, who was a strong supporter of Mr. Jewison’s vision and dream of creating the CFC.3.E.P. Taylor, former owner of Windfields Estate (photo courtesy of the Taylor Family Archives)CFC’s campus is located on the historic and picturesque grounds of Windfields Estate in Toronto, Canada – the former home of prominent Canadian businessman, E.P. Taylor. The Taylor family lived on the property until 1987, at which time the estate was transferred to North York, and eventually amalgamated into the City of Toronto, with the agreement that it be leased to the Canadian Film Centre and adapted for use as a creative media institution.4.The Queen Mother visits Windfields Estate (photo courtesy of the Taylor Family Archives)Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, stayed at Windfields Estate on occasion when the Taylor family inhabited the house. The Taylor family would “move” into one of the cottages during her visits, so that The Queen Mother would have the main house to herself.5.E.P. Taylor, Northern Dancer and Huratio Luro at Windfields Estate  (photo courtesy of the Taylor Family Archives)Another special guest who used to visit Windfields Estate is Northern Dancer, the greatest racehorse of the 20th century – who won the Kentucky Derby, Preakness and the Queen’s Plate in 1964 – and was owned by breeder of champion racehorses, E.P. Taylor.  The beautiful grounds of Windfields Estate were complete with a back paddock for horses, as well as stables, where Northern Dancer was housed when he stayed on the property.6.Windfields Estate undergoing renovations to prepare the building and property to house the CFCOnce the CFC was up and running, we welcomed the following 12 filmmakers into the inaugural film program: Brigitte Berman, Holly Dale, Mary Jane Gomes, John Gunn, Gérald L’Ecuyer, Lael McCall, Ann Medina, Ann Petrie, Peter Raymont, Joan Schafer, Aiken Scherberger, and Terry Williams. Advertisement Advertisement Advertisement Login/Register With: Facebook LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment last_img read more

Protestors march on Cameco in Saskatoon

first_imgAPTN National NewsA small group of northerners and environmentalists protested outside the headquarters of uranium giant Cameco’s headquarters in Sasktatoon.The group wants the company to stop its uranium operations in northern Saskatchewan.APTN’s Larissa Burnouf reports.last_img

Ugly truth of cosmetic industry

first_imgThe cosmetic industry is thriving like never before, and reason is the need to look presentable and photo-ready all the time. This increase in demand for make-up products leads to surge pricing, as a result of which beauty addicts look for ‘discounts’ and ‘sales’… and that’s where counterfeit products come into play. A threat to established brands Counterfeits have become a headache for authentic brands, says Dr Bharti Taneja, Founder of ALPS Beauty group. “They not only steal our sales but also pose a serious threat to the brand image. The most shocking thing for me is the heavy and unbelievable discounts they offer. The cost of these fakes is lower than the actual manufacturing costs of original products,” she adds. Explaining how these counterfeits destroy the brand’s reputation in the market, Taneja says, “When the customer buys a fake product and fails to get desired results, the unaware starts blaming the brand. One negative review from them is enough to damage the reputation of any reputed brand.” For the Founder and CEO of Plum Goodness Shankar Prasad, a great product is something ‘more than just the ingredients’. It’s the overall experience of the customer vis-a-vis pack feel, graphics, fragrance, sensory feel and product efficacy that establishes the consumer’s relationship with the brand. “But counterfeit products damage the very core of this relationship, and thus are extremely damaging to brands,” he believes. Adding to it, Shankar says that marketing and brand-building expenses are among the largest expense items for any beauty company. By piggy-backing on an existing brand and depriving the legitimate brand of their sales, counterfeiters are financially damaging brands. Digital markets Digital markets have made it easier for counterfeit sellers to befool customers. In the online world, the lines between real and fake are so blurred that counterfeits operate easily. They hack the real brand logo and product pictures to appear real. A couple of fake reviews to add a dash of authenticity, and it becomes extremely difficult for the customers to separate fake from the real one. But Shankar Prasad holds a slightly different opinion in this regard. According to him, most of the reputed online marketplaces go to great lengths to keep out counterfeits; so much so that “sometimes it becomes a tedious process even for us as brands to meet all their requirements to establish authenticity.” Having said that, he feels that online space is largely unregulated (as much as physical retail is unregulated), and so, one cannot prevent smaller e-commerce marketplaces from cropping up all the time with questionable business practices. “If it is too good to be true, it perhaps is – customers should realise this before falling for unbelievable offers,” he advises. Toxic truth about counterfeits The business of making counterfeit cosmetics is unethical, to begin with, and has only one objective – maximise profits. The cheap products, therefore, are made with zero safety norms and contain everything from aluminum and lead to poor quality ingredients and dangerous level of bacteria. The consequences can be as serious as consuming spurious drugs – for the simple reason that the skin absorbs 60% of whatever is put on it, into the bloodstream. Understanding the severity of the situation, Neeleshwari Basak, Owner of WorldWide Institute of Grooming and Peagents, has listed a few tips to differentiate between original and fake products. Foundation: To check the product for its originality just swirl your finger around the pigment and if you get a consistent creamy powder on your fingertip, then the product is original. (The fake one gives powdery pigment) Eye shadow palette: The original palette comes in good packaging, the quality of the brush is visibly good and will give you a good pigment when applied. The fake palette, on the other hand, has a similar packaging, but the quality of brush is not good. Also, you have to apply really hard to get some pigment. Lipbalm: On applying the original lip balm you will get a light tint of the specific color on your lips. The fake lip balms will give a chemically ladned bubble gum flavor. Final results: The original products blend nicely and evenly. On the other hand, fake products give a patchy look and do not look good. Be a smart customer Rochelle Chhabra, Professional Division Head (Streax Professional), Hygienic Research Institute says, the key to avoiding counterfeit products is to be vigilant while making online purchases. “Consumers should not only rely on big discounts but should check other factors while buying.” She has listed a few points that will help you avoid sub-standard products. • Customers must avoid searching for cheap, low cost, on sale products. When you put these keywords in your search box, the chances are that you would get a list of fakes first. • The customer can compare the images of the product on the brand’s website and the e-commerce site. This will help identify the difference, if any. • If there is a substantial difference in the original price and that of online sellers, it is essential to not blindly buy the product but check the details that are mentioned in features of the product. • Customers should buy products with fulfillment tag to ensure original products are delivered to them. • Buy products from authorised sellers like Cloudtail, Appario in Amazon, Supercom and Retailnet in Flipkart.last_img read more

Over 200000 Afghans hit by severe cold to receive UN assistance

19 February 2008United Nations agencies are delivering emergency aid to ease the plight of more than 200,000 Afghans suffering under a harsh Central Asian winter that has already claimed hundreds of lives in recent weeks. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is distributing relief items such as tents, blankets, plastic sheets, sleeping mats, lanterns, jerry cans, kitchen sets and soap to recent returnees from Pakistan and Iran, internally displaced persons (IDPs) and other vulnerable people. Many of the new returnees are experiencing snow for the first time after nearly 30 years in exile.The agency has already assisted more than 85,000 Afghans in different parts of the country. Along with other UN agencies, UNHCR has provided 2,500 families with winter supplies in two IDP settlements in the western province of Herat. In addition, supplies have been sent to the local officials in Daikundi, Farah, Ghor, Badghis and Nimrooz provinces for further distribution. Meanwhile, the UN World Food Programme (WFP) has already distributed nearly 2,500 tonnes of food to 33,000 households – about 200,000 people – in several provinces, including Herat, Faryab and Jawzjan.Along with the Government, the Afghan Red Crescent, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and provincial reconstruction teams, the UN has been mobilizing support in more than 50 districts in 13 provinces to help those most affected, said WFP Country Director Rick Corsino.“What we are trying to do is try to reduce the hardship placed upon households, particularly where damage has been done to their dwellings through avalanches or excessive snowfalls that caused the collapse of buildings,” he told a press briefing in Kabul. The UN is also assisting those unable to move out of their areas due to winter conditions, to reach markets or obtain social services.Along with the severe cold, many Afghans also have to contend with rising food prices in the country, particularly for staples such as wheat flour. Mr. Corsino noted that there has been an “immediate and very generous” response from donors for the appeal launched last month for more than $80 million to help over 2.5 million Afghans facing food shortages due to the soaring price of wheat. Some $38 million has been contributed in the past three weeks, he said, adding that this will allow WFP to distribute 50,000 tonnes of food.Harsh winter conditions have swept across much of Central Asia, and the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) yesterday appealed for $25 million to help UN relief agencies provide assistance in Tajikistan. read more

Moragahahena OIC shot

Police officers in the vicinity then opened fire on the security guard killing him in the process.The OIC is receiving treatment in hospital and investigations have been launched. The OIC of the Moragahahena police station was critically injured after being shot at late last night.The police media unit said that a security guard at the police station had shot the OIC.

Report Wide receiver Trevon Grimes to transfer from Ohio State to Florida

Freshman wide receiver Trevon Grimes (8) walks onto the field during the Ohio State vs. UNLV game on Sept. 23. Ohio State beat UNLV 54-21. Credit: Ris Twigg | Assistant Photo EditorFreshman wide receiver Trevon Grimes will move on from Ohio State before the completion of his first season with the program, according to a report by the Sun-Sentinel.The newspaper reported Friday the former four-star prospect out of St. Thomas Aquinas (Florida) will transfer to Florida. Grimes has been away from Ohio State since October when he left the team to deal with, what head coach Urban Meyer called, family health issues. On November 8, Meyer said he was taking classes in Florida and he expected Grimes would eventually rejoin the team.This season, Grimes had three catches for 20 yards. He caught one pass for eight yards against Army and had two catches for 12 yards against UNLV. Grimes was the 41st-ranked player in the 2017 class and the No. 6 wide receiver, according to the 247Sports composite rankings.An Ohio State spokesman was not able to confirm the report. read more

Back to Business Yankees Clear Derek Jeter to Play

Derek Jeter has been cleared to play in a New York Yankees minor-league game this coming Saturday, the team announced today. The New York Yankees shortstop is scheduled to play no less than five innings for the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders in a game against Lehigh Valley.Jeter is working his way back from an ankle injury he suffered back on Oct. 13th. After surgery and a stint of rehab, he played five spring training games, where a new break was discovered on April 18th. As a result, he hasn’t played in a single game this season.Last season, before the all-star suffered the injury, he hit .316/.362/.429 (114 OPS+) while leading the majors in hits (216), plate appearances (740) and at-bats (683). So having Jeter back will definitely improve the lineup of the Yankees, if he gets back in to the swing of things. read more

Royal tour Duke and Duchess of Sussex unveil Sydneys Anzac memorial

Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Harry and Meghan arrive for the unveiling ceremony with the governor of New South Wales and his wife Krystal, who did an Aboriginal art floral painting, said: “They said hi and ‘nice to meet you’.”The medallion, presented by Sienna, said “play the game”, the motto of the Beverly Hills public school which they attend. Twins Krystal and Sienna Dawson presented the royal couple with a medallion and a painting during the visit.The girls, aged nine, are from the Koomurri Aboriginal Dance Troupe and both said they were nervous about meeting and performing for Harry and Meghan. Harry and Meghan arrive for the unveiling ceremony with the governor of New South Wales and his wifeCredit:Ryan Pierce/Getty Images She said: “I didn’t want to dance at first, but then it was fun.”The Sussexes will visit the Hall Of Service, which contains 1,700 soil samples from each town, suburb and district in New South Wales listed as an address for First World War enlistees. The completion of the extension, which cost £22 million, coincides with the 100th anniversary of the cessation of hostilities in the war.  The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have paid tribute to Australia’s war dead as they attended the unveiling of an Anzac memorial 84 years in the making.The Anzac Memorial in Sydney’s Hyde Park, which commemorates the sacrifices made by those who served for Australia and New Zealand, was designed in the 1930s by Bruce Dellitt. But following the Great Depression, the finances were not available to make Mr Dellitt’s vision –  including a four-tier cascading waterfall on the Liverpool Street side of the monument – a reality.The Duke, wearing the tropical dress of his regiment, the Blues and Royals, with medals, KCVO and sword, and Duchess, wearing an Emilia Wickstead dress and Philip Tracey hat, were met by Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Premier of New South Wales Gladys Berejiklian and David Elliott, minister for Veterans Affairs on an overcast Sydney morning. There were also crowds along Liverpool Street, while more people – and a cardboard cutout of Harry and Meghan – watched on from balconies as the royals arrived. read more

16 emotions Garth Brooks fans will experience while trying to buy tickets

first_imgNO MATTER WHAT your musical tastes, you’ve probably found yourself in the position that Garth Brooks fans will be in tomorrow morning.  They’ll have a window, a small window during which tickets for his gigs will be available, and after that it will all be over.We’ve all set our alarms at one time or other, to get our hands on hotly anticipated tickets.  Whether it’s One Direction tickets for your daughter, tickets to see REM in the Olympia, or your only chance to catch Disclosure, the feelings are the same.Here are 16 emotions you experience when trying to buy tickets for a gig at the same time as everyone else.ExcitementThis is going to be great.  You, and all your mates at this amazing gig that everyone wants to go to?  It could be the best night of the year.FearA lot of people want these tickets. What if you don’t get them? What if the people who queue up at Ticketmaster get them all?  Maybe you should queue up in town, at least then you’d be sure to get them…ReadinessYou’ve set your alarm. You’ve reminded your mates to set their alarms.  Your laptop and phone are charged.  Between all of that you’ll definitely get them.  You are ready for this.AnticipationYou’ve got the screen open.  You’ve cracked your knuckles. You’ve clicked the mouse a few times to make sure it works.  You are ready to hit refresh.ParanoiaThe site says they’re not on sale yet.  Are they really not on sale yet?  Are they on sale for everyone else?  Is it just you? Is your clock wrong? What if your clock’s wrong? Do they go on sale at nine exactly or a minute before? Or a minute after?  WHAT IS HAPPENING?Adrenaline RushTHEY’RE ON SALE.  It’s go time.TerrorWhy does the site keep crashing?  Why is this happening?  Is everyone else getting tickets?RageThis is BULLS**T!  They knew that there would be loads of people on trying to buy these tickets, why is the site crashing?  Why does this always happen to you?ReliefAaaand you’re back in, things could be ok yet.JealousyThat jerk you know has already posted on Facebook about having their tickets.  How did they manage that?  You’ve been trying since 8:57 and you can’t get through the ticket selection page?IrritationDelivery method?  Who has time for a discussion on delivery method at a time like this?HopeThere it is.  The elusive ‘submit order’ button!Rage (again)VERIFIED BY VISA WOULD YOU EVER FECK OFF!  That clock is ticking and you can never bloody remember this password.PalpitationsThey’re confirming your order, and you just wish they’d confirm it faster because you can practically smell the gig at this stage but until you get that e-mail you won’t be happy.Unbridled joyYou got them!  Time to Facebook, tweet, text and jump up and down.NonchalanceFive minutes after the process all of those intense emotions are a distance memory.You’re completely nonchalant.  Did you get tickets? What tickets?People are ALREADY queueing for Garth Brooks tickets>9 times George Clooney’s AMA proved he’s the smoothest man in Hollywood>last_img read more

Madagascar 720000 personnes menacées de famine

first_imgMadagascar : 720.000 personnes menacées de famineDepuis deux ans, une terrible sécheresse frappe la partie sud de Madagascar. Environ 720.000 personnes sont menacées de famine.Pas moins de 53 communes situées dans le sud de l’île de Madagascar ont été classées “en difficulté alimentaire”, rapporte l’AFP. La représentante du PAM explique que “des communes qui jusque-là étaient considérées comme des greniers productifs du sud entrent maintenant dans cette catégorie”.À lire aussiUne vidéo exceptionnelle d’une espèce très rare de baleine capturée au large de MadagascarAvec la sécheresse qui sévit depuis deux ans, 80% des récoltes ont été détruites. Les études menées tendent à démontrer qu’après deux années de manque de pluie comme cela a été le cas, des famines généralisées se sont déclarées. “Il n’y a plus de semences pour la prochaine campagne agricole, les gens ont tout consommé”, se désole Eliane Rasoamananjara, responsable d’une association qui distribue des vivres dans le sud-ouest de l’île.La faim pousse à présent certains habitants à se nourrir de cactus rouge, une plante nocive et les prix des aliments deviennent inabordables. “Les habitants doivent vendre leur bétail pour pouvoir acheter du riz, mais le bétail ne vaut plus rien”, rapporte la responsable de l’association 2H (Hiaraka Hampandroso, “Développons ensemble”).Une aide onusienne devrait bénéficier à plusieurs milliers de personnes mais la situation reste critique pour le moment.Le 13 décembre 2010 à 14:43 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Teen killed in singlevehicle crash IDd brother critically injured

first_imgThe Clark County Medical Examiner’s Office has identified the 17-year-old boy who was killed in a single-vehicle crash in east Vancouver on Wednesday night as Dmitriy Deynega of Vancouver.Deynega died of multiple blunt force injuries. His death was ruled an accident, according to the medical examiner’s office.His 15-year-old brother, Daniel Deynega, was a passenger in the vehicle and was seriously injured. He remained in critical condition Friday at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center, hospital spokesman Randy Querin said.According to a social media site for high school sports, Dmitriy Deynega — who went by the name Dima — had played defensive tackle for Fort Vancouver High School’s football team. A spokesperson for Vancouver Public Schools said both boys attended the high school.Grief counselors from the SMART team were at Fort Vancouver High School on Thursday and Friday for extra support for students and staff, Vancouver Public Schools spokeswoman Pat Nuzzo said.A letter was sent home to parents Thursday notifying them of the loss and counseling options for students. There was no information available at that time about a memorial service.last_img read more

WSUV names Women of Distinction

first_imgIn conjunction with Women’s History Month, which is celebrated every March, Washington State University Vancouver has named its two Distinguished Woman of the Year winners.Each was honored for her work to inspire, mentor and empower young women. Both women were among several nominees in their respective categories.Dora Hernandez is this year’s winner in the WSUV student category. A major in human development studies, she is president of the Latin@Association and a student diversity peer mentor. The mother of two is the first member of her family to pursue higher education, despite many years outside of school.Julie Hanke, the nonstudent winner, works as a case manager for Vancouver Public Schools’ Teen Parent Program. She has helped many teens to make good choices for themselves and their babies by providing education, tools and resources necessary to succeed.In March 2006, Hanke opened a homeless shelter for pregnant and parenting teens called Vida’s Ark. It houses four teens, their babies and a house mother, providing pregnant and parenting teens a safe, nurturing harbor.Keynote speaker at the March 31 WSUV event was Nichole Maher, executive director of the Native American Youth and Family Center in Portland.Women of Distinction is sponsored by Unitus Community Credit Union and WSUV’s Office of Student Involvement.last_img read more

2 rescued after boat capsizes off Key Biscayne

first_imgKEY BISCAYNE, FLA. (WSVN) – Rescue divers came to the rescue of two men after, officials said, their boat capsized off Key Biscayne, Monday morning.Divers with Miami-Dade Fire Rescue helped pull the boaters onto a rescue boat after their vessel flipped over.Officials said the engine on the 21-foot vessel had stalled and a large wave caused it to overturn a couple of miles out from Crandon Park Marina.Rescue crews checked the men for injuries and brought them back to the marina.A tow company later retrieved the boat.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

AK The Birdman of Alcatrazs grisly Juneau connection

first_imgMugshot of Robert Stroud at Leavenworth circa 1912 ( via Juneau-Douglas City Museum)In this spooky pre-Halloween edition of AK, we revisit the scene of the crime, the site of a cold-blooded murder over a hundred years ago in Juneau. KTOO’s Matt Miller spent this summer researching what happened when the Birdman of Alcatraz killed for the first time.Listen now“Robert F. Stroud. Breaking that train window was a serious offense.”“It was hot. I was thinking of my lungs.”That’s Karl Malden and Burt Lancaster in the 1962 movie Birdman of Alcatraz that’s based on the book of the same name. Lancaster plays Robert Stroud, perhaps the country’s most notorious inmate.“You know, I think I got you figured out, Shoemaker,” Stroud said, as portrayed by Lancaster. “First day I came here you as much asked me to get down on my knees and whimper. I wouldn’t do it then. I won’t do it now. I won’t lick your hand and that’s what eats you… Well, you keep this in mind. A man ain’t whipped until he quits! And, I’ll never give you that pleasure!”While incarcerated at Leavenworth prison in Kansas, Stroud took in a few birds and nursed them back to health. That led to a small cottage industry of bird care remedies, and one of the first and most widely regarded books on bird diseases and bird care.In this example of the many court documents found in the state’s archives, Robert Stroud’s defense attorney and the prosecutor appear in U.S. District Court on Feb. 23, 1909. They argue over changing the trial location to Skagway on June 7, 1909. At the bottom of the page, ‘Kitty Dulaney’, who was initially charged as an accessory to the murder, has her own case continued to the following Monday.Stroud was forced to end his study of birds when he was transferred to Alcatraz in San Francisco. He landed there because he murdered two men. The first in downtown post-gold rush Juneau.“In 1909 in Alaska, you appointed yourself judge, jury and executioner and killed one Charles Damer because he allegedly beat up a friend, Katy Malone, a prostitute,” Malden said, portraying a prison official, Stroud’s principal antagonist.Stroud met his girlfriend Kate Dulaney in Cordova in 1908. Dulaney, also known as Kitty O’Brien, was a dance hall girl among her various occupations.A few sensational accounts paint Stroud as Dulaney’s pimp. But Stroud was only 18 years old and, according to Thomas Gaddis’ book Birdman of Alcatraz, was completely inexperienced with women until he met Dulaney. She was twice his age and probably bonded with Stroud when she nursed him back to health after a bout of pneumonia.Stroud and Dulaney left Cordova and followed one of Dulaney’s acquaintances to Juneau. Charles Damer had become a bartender at the Montana Saloon.Leo Helmar helped retrace the events of the murder. Helmar is a paralegal at the City and Borough of Juneau’s Department of Law. He also just started a podcast called “Murder Alaska.”“A lot of the things about Robert Stroud have sort of passed into the realm of myth,” Helmar said. “Like the fact that he’s called the Birdman of Alcatraz is not accurate at all, for example. He didn’t have birds at Alcatraz.”Helmar walked through downtown Juneau to find the Montana Saloon and Dulaney’s crib in Juneau’s old red light district.Mugshot of Robert Stroud at Alcatraz (Alcatraz via Juneau-Douglas City Museum)“Apparently, there’s some previous relationship there between Dulaney and Damer,” Helmar said. “Obviously, that was a flashpoint with Stroud, for whatever reason.”Some accounts say Damer stiffed Dulaney on money he owed her. But according to Gaddis, Damer wanted Dulaney to stay with him. He assaulted her, gave her black eyes and took a gold locket with her daughter’s picture after ripping it from around her neck.Stroud came back to her room, became enraged and took Dulaney’s revolver when she passed out drunk. Stroud bought some ammunition and headed up the hill to Damer’s cottage several blocks away.Stroud and Damer fought. Stroud fired a shot and missed. He fired again into Damer’s temple and down into his pelvis.A neighbor heard the two shots and watched Stroud leave Damer’s house. Stroud returned the locket and gun to Dulaney’s room, and then turned himself into the local marshal.“It’s so interesting to try to do historical reconstruction because a lot of the time you don’t have all the info you’d like to do, you don’t have all the photos and stuff like that,” Helmar said.At the murder scene, inside the current house on the lot is Eric Jorgensen. His firm EarthJustice bought the hip-roofed house with the small eyebrow dormer back in the late 1980s.“Well, it’s a little oddity about living and working here, I guess,“ Jorgensen said.Possible scene of Charles Damer’s murder at 325 Fourth Street in Juneau. (Photo by Matt Miller/KTOO)Jorgensen recalled a rather macabre, tourist walking tour stopping in the adjacent lot years ago. He wasn’t entirely sure, but he presumed it was about the murder and Birdman of Alcatraz.“An interesting thing to find out that the place that I’m working is near where something like this happened,” Jorgensen said. “Not a particularly positive thing to have this place be associated with, but an interesting little nugget of history for this little place.”Instead of standing trial after his arrest, Stroud pled out to a manslaughter charge and was sentenced to 12 years in prison. Initially incarcerated at McNeil Island in Washington, he was considered one of the most violent prisoners there.Stroud spent the rest of his life in the federal prison system, including well over four decades in solitary confinement.“Will they allow you to work with birds where you’re going?” a reporter asked in the final moments of Birdman of Alcatraz.“I’m afraid not,” Stroud answered. “In the eyes of the prison bureau, avian research is – as you boys might put it – for the birds.”last_img read more

Alaska Aerospace Corporation starts company for outofstate services

first_imgAlaska Aerospace Corporation launch facility in Narrow Cape. (Photo courtesy of AAC)The Alaska Aerospace Corporation will establish a subsidiary to handle its out-of-state services.Listen nowAAC conducts rocket launches from the Pacific Spaceport Complex in Narrow Cape and its corporate offices are in Anchorage. It’s contracted with both the U.S. Missile Defense Agency and private businesses. It’s also provided its services to a company called Rocket Lab in New Zealand.President and chief executive officer Craig Campbell said that’s one of the first contracts AAC will transfer when it forms Aurora Launch Services.“The board has felt that if we’re gonna – as a commercial business – generate income and do it outside of Alaska, that we should probably have a subsidiary that does that actual work, so that way it’s not actually state employees that are now working in other states and other countries,” Campbell said.Campbell says Aurora’s focus over the next three to five years will be launches from Alaska and any continued work with Rocket Lab, but AAC is also looking at an equatorial site so they can launch near the equator. He said they’re considering Hawaii or Saipan.Campbell also said they’re looking at partnering with developing spaceports, possibly in Georgia, Texas, or Scotland.“There are a number of other places looking at developing spaceports, and we think we could probably provide a very competitive proposal how using Aurora Launch Services for their launch services at those locations would be very beneficial to them as well as giving us more business for Alaska,” Campbell said.Campbell says while AAC remains a state corporation, it hasn’t received state money since 2014. He says spaceports should operate on a commercial basis like airports.“They charge fees for their services, they contract out for different things being done at their facilities, and so what we’re trying to do at Alaska Aerospace is show that we can lower costs, provide better services, more flexible services by operating under a commercial model than under a government model, and Aurora becomes a very important part of that,” Campbell said.Campbell said they’re filing the paperwork for the subsidiary this week.last_img read more

Treasure hunt ends in fiasco

first_imgExperts from Geological Survey of Bangladesh and Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology conducted various tests, including heat sensitive scanning, to find the ‘hidden treasure’ beneath a house at Mirpur-10, Dhaka on Thursday. Photo: CollectedThe excavation work which started on 21 July in search of ‘hidden treasure’ underneath a house of Mirpur-10 in the capital, was officially abandoned on Thursday as experts did not get any metal objects there.Experts from the Geological Survey of Bangladesh and Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) visited the house along with Dhaka district executive magistrate Tazwar Akram Sakapi Ibne Sazzad on Thursday afternoon, said Mirpur police station officer-in-charge Dadan Fakir.After conducting various tests, including heat-sensitive scanning until 4:00pm, experts said they had not found any trace of the metallic object under the house, UNB reports.Later, the authorities gave up the ‘treasure hunt’, the OC added.The policemen, who were deployed after the authorities postponed the excavation work on 22 July, have been withdrawn, said Dadan Fakir.The entire operation was postponed to avert the possible risk of the building collapsing. “We’ve postponed the excavation to avert any untoward incident,” said executive magistrate Tazwar Akram.The digging started in the morning of 21 July at the house of Monirul Islam at Road 16 (Block-C) of Mirpur Section-10 in presence of executive magistrate Md Anwar Uz Zaman after the house’s owner filed a general diary with Mirpur police station in this connection on 14 July.Later, the digging was postponed around 3:30pm for the day and it was scheduled to resume on the following morning.But the digging work was postponed on 22 July as the National Housing Authority’s executive engineer said there was a possibility of the building collapsing and loss of lives if the digging continued without taking proper measure.Monirul Islam, who is claiming himself as the owner of the house, said he got information on the hidden treasure from its previous owner, a Pakistan national.last_img read more

Aura of Punjab

first_imgIn an attempt to showcase and celebrate the spirit of Punjab, Concept 1469 and Art Historian Dr Alka Pande are coming together for the third edition of ‘Mela Phulkari 3: Threads of Punjab’ which will be held in the national Capital.The festival which will begin on April 7 will have a variety of events that will be different from previous editions as the attempt is to showcase the vivid daily life, the fabulous Punjabi food and a fun-filled lifestyle of this state. With three-dimensional evocative artworks and many other aspects, the festival will celebrate the myriad facets of different crafts. All these put together the essence of the state of Punjab, its vibrancy and its jovial hospitality will be witnessed. The cultural extravaganza will host a series of book releases, talks, performances and demonstrations throughout the week. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’On April 16, noted filmmaker Imtiaz Ali will talk through his cinema about Mela Phulkari accompanied by traditional performers from the hinterland of Punjab.The organisers have brought together talented artists, designers, photographers, craftsmen, who will bring in their own reading of Punjab, the land of Phulkari. Textile designer and artist, Gopika Nath’s ‘A Song on their Lips and a Needle to Thread’, will display embroidery traditions of Punjab through a photo collage. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixCelebrated photographer Bandeep Singh will showcase his representations, which were shot in Sangrur, a sleepy town which was once one of the princely states of India. ‘Chanan’ will be a garment installation by designer Anjali Kalia, inspired from the essence of Punjab through the various eras ranging from the emergence of Sikhism to contemporary interpretations of the same. ‘I Am Panjab/ Am I Panjab’ by Anupa Dasgupta remarks on the socio-cultural perspectives of past and present day Punjab.  Harinder Singh, Creative Director 1469, says : “No singular facet is synonymous with this land. Extending this idea forward, ‘Mela Phulkari 3: Threads of Punjab’ weaves various myriads of Punjab, resulting it to an experience which identifies, accepts and criticises Punjab’s past and current socio-cutural stories.”  ‘Jugni – Havaa Di Udaari’ an installation by Meghna Chowdhary, Srishty Bahl, Sushmita Mandal and Mansi Sharma speaks of young girls’ cheerfulness, her desires of freedom and joy – an escape from daily routine to celebrate as a way of living. ‘Laddoo Rani di Gaddi’ an installation by Chesta Nagar, Irum Khan, Neha Singla, Pranvi Kapoora and Shubhangi Chowdhary incorporates the flavour of rural Panjab with a twist of modernity and a focus on female education. ‘Trinjan Tambu’ by artists Harinder Singh, Amrita Mahindra and Simran Kharbanda will compare the patch work phulkari tent structure to Punjab’s daily nuances of life. Its open and slit panelled structure denotes the inclusiveness the culture promotes. Gadh jorh by Harinder Singh is a tribute to Punjab’s singers.Speaking about the event, Dr Alka Pande said:  “The idea of Mela Phulkari is to take the brand Phulkari to another level through the interrogation of the craft of phulkari. The socio cultural fabric of the state, the vibrancy, the myths and legends, the stories of women and the complexity of a woman’s dreams of rural Punjab are being transformed with the rapid development”.When: April 7-17 Where: Open Palm Court, India Habitat Centre Timings: 10am – 8pmlast_img read more

WestJets load factor stays on the upandup

first_img Share WestJet’s load factor stays on the up-and-up Monday, July 9, 2018 Tags: Statistics, WestJet, WestJet Encore, WestJet Swoop CALGARY — WestJet’s June 2018 traffic results include a load factor of 83.6%, an increase of 0.7 percentage points year over year. Revenue passenger miles (RPMs), or traffic, increased 8.5% year over year, while capacity, measured in available seat miles (ASMs), grew 7.5% over the same period. WestJet flew an additional 120,000 guests in June, a year-over-year increase of 6%.“We continued to increase traffic and connectivity in the second quarter,” Ed Sims, WestJet President and CEO. “In June, we successfully launched our ultra-low-cost carrier Swoop, enhanced regional service with the launch of WestJet Link and celebrated WestJet Encore’s fifth birthday. We are proud to be Canada’s most reliable airline, as WestJet placed 2nd for major North American airlines and WestJet Encore placed 2nd for all North American regional airlines for on-time performance in the month, as reported by Flight Stats.”WestJet made headlines last week when it announced the departure of two of its executives.More news:  Canada raises travel warning amid escalating protests in Hong KongExecutive Vice-President, Strategy and Guest Services Bob Cummings is retiring from the company effective July 1, while Executive Vice-President, Operations Cam Kenyon is returning to the U.S. effective Aug. 31.Also last week WestJet announced the appointment of Charles Duncan, Executive Vice-President, and President, WestJet Encore to Executive Vice-President and Chief Strategy Officer as of Aug. 1.center_img Posted by Travelweek Group << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more