Army of 1500 Slovenians ready for Serbia VIDEO

← Previous Story Hungarian “easy job” with Slovakia Next Story → Qatar wanted to “buy” Nikolaj Markussen The huge support will have Slovenian NT in their battles for the Main Round Visa at the EHF EURO 2012 in Serbia. In Vrsac, where will Preliminary Group B take place, more than 1300 tickets are bought by Slovenian fans. That is the official number by official Agency responsible for selling tickets in Slovenia. Expectations are that some fans bought tickets as individuals, so the number of fans could be more than 1500.In Group D will play Slovenia, Croatia, Norway and Iceland.[youtube][/youtube] read more

Christiansen ended career – Thank you Lars

← Previous Story “Battle for ALL” in Austria: Alpla Hard or HIT Tirol? Next Story → Roland Mikler stays in Pick Szeged until 2014 best shooterKIF KoldingLars ChristiansenSG Flensburg One of the best left wings in the history of Handball, Lars Christiansen (40) decided to stop playing proffesional handball. Second best scorer of German Bundesliga, where he played for 15 years for SG Flensburg, decided to end his successful career after Danish NT coach, Ulrik Wilbek decided to “cut” him from roster for Olympic Games in London.Last two seasons, Christiansen spent in KIF Kolding. He would be remembered as the best 7-meter shooter. read more

Boris Becirovic to play for Bosnia and Herzegovina

Boris Becirovic Playmaker of French team Aix Provience, Boris Becirovic (25) will join Bosnia and Herzegovina NT from the next EHF week, when will start the EHF EURO 2014 Qualifications. Becirovic was a member of Slovenian Junior NT squad, but after that, he never got call for the senior team. His parents and him are born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, so it will be easy for Bosnian Federation to get papers for this transfer. Becirovic will spent some days with the NT as some kind of guest during preparation for matches against Austria (away) and Serbia (home).photo: LNH ← Previous Story Gyula Gal has trial in Montpellier! Next Story → Tiselj’s tears after Krim’s victory against Cluj: “The toughest match in my career” read more


← Previous Story SAMSONENKO WANTED CANELLAS: He made a mistake going to THW Kiel! Next Story → SEHA “BEST 7” in September 3.Odorhei6420176:15214 5.Bacau7322180:17711 4.Municipal Calarasi6402158:15212 7.Timisoara7304184:1859 2.Constanta7511206:17716 10.Dinamo Bucuresti6213132:1367 9.Vaslui7223175:1888 Steffen Stegavik 1.Minaur Baia Mare7601171:15118 6.CSM Bucuresti6312181:17610 11.Steaua Bucuresti6114166:1774 12.Targu Jiu6105153:1793 13.Suceava6006115:1360 He is the hero of the week. Norwegian NT player Steffen Stegavik scored a brilliant goal during the match between his HCM Baia Mare and Dinamo Bucuresti (27:20) which showing the best part of our beautiful sports. A 30 years old playmaker came to Romania last summer  after decade of playing in domestic teams as Elverum and Drammen. Here you can see his goal…HCM Baia Mare are current leaders of Romanian League: 8.Turda7304201:2129 read more

Wisla Plock make break in Celje

Polish Orlen Wisla Plock made their way to the BEST 6 in Group A more clear by winning in Celje against home team – 28:25 (17:10). Manolo Cadenas boys beat one of the biggest rival in the battle of avoiding last two spots in the Group with strong performance from the first minute.Zytnikov netted five goals for the winners, while Ziga Mlakar led home team with one more.Celje Pivovarna Lasko – Orlen Wisła Płock 25:28 (10:17)Celje: Lesjak, Gajić – Blagotinsek 4, Ivić, Babarskas 1, Janc 2, Razgor 4, Marguc, Poteko, Potocnik, Kodrin 1, Patrianova 3, Dobelsek, Mlakar 6, Zvizej 4.Orlen Wisła: Corrales, Wichary – Daszek 4, Racotea 3, Wiśniewski, Pusica, Ghionea 3, Rocha 2 (2/2), Zelenović 4, Montoro 1, Tarabochia 2, Nikcević 4, Żytnikow 5.STANDINGS: ← Previous Story SEHA Gazprom Team in September: Karačić, Ilić, Stojković, Čip… Next Story → EHF CL: Veszprem continue 15 years long winning strike – Kiel beat Flensburg! 4. THW Kiel210154:50(4)2 1. HC Prvo plinarsko drustvo …220050:42(8)4 RK Celje Pivovarna LaskoVELUX EHF Champions League 2015/2016Wisla Plock 8. Besiktas Jimnastik Kulubu200245:62(-17)0 4. RK Celje Pivovarna Lasko310275:73(2)2 2. Orlen Wisla Plock311179:81(-2)3 4. Paris Saint-Germain Handba…210161:63(-2)2 4. SG Flensburg-Handewitt210163:60(3)2 2. MVM Veszprém211055:51(4)3 read more

24000 € EHF fines Croatian Handball Federation

← Previous Story Staffan Olsson about new rules: Handball becomes boring! Next Story → RIO 2016: TOP 10 handball guys to watch at Future Arena! croatian handball federationEHF The EHF Court of Handball has reached a decision in a case against the Croatian Handball Federation opened after the failure to deliver a TV signal via satellite within the organisation of the Women’s EHF EURO 2016 Qualification match between Croatia and FYR Macedonia on 5 June 2016.The Croatian federation received several reminders regarding the aforementioned obligation, and a similar situation had occurred one year ago.Nevertheless, the national federation did not undertake any step to find a solution and the matter had to be solved by the EHF in light of the urgency of the situation.The obligation is set forth in particular in the “Minimum Requirements for TV Host Broadcasters” applicable in accordance with Article 40 of the EHF EURO Qualification Regulations.Hence, the Court of Handball finds, quoting the decision, that the Croatian Federation displayed “a total lack of interest” and adopted “an unacceptable and negligent behaviour” towards an essential obligation regarding the TV production of the most important national team competition in women’s handball. Such an attitude was regarded by the Court of Handball as “an aggravating circumstance”.Consequently, a fine of €24,000 is imposed on the Croatian federation in accordance with Article D.1 f) of the EHF List of Penalties.Half of this fine is imposed on a suspended basis with a probation period of two years as of the date of the present decision.An appeal may be filed with the EHF Court of Appeal within seven days.PHOTO: Filip ViranovskiSOURCE: EHF read more

Irish soigneur Emma OReilly finally gets Lance Armstrong apology

first_imgHe added, “At the time, when I said what I said about her, I was fighting to protect a lot of positions. But it was inexcusable. It’s embarrassing. I was in a conference room, giving a legal deposition, and I had no idea it was going to get out. But that doesn’t excuse it.“I guess you should always assume that, in that setting, the whole world will watch it the next day. It was totally humiliating for Emma. And if I saw my son do that, there would be a f***ing war in our house.”Lance Armstrong explains his dubious actions to Emma O’Reilly. Credit: Graham Chadwick/Daily MailThe Armstrong/O’Reilly chat also featured several other interesting moments, such as the Tecan’s hints that former UCI President Hein Verbruggen was aware of his blood doping during his reign as TdF champion. Following one positive blood test, Armstrong claimed Verbruggen was implicit in a cover-up.Armstrong claimed, “Hein said ‘We’ve got to come up with something’… so we back-dated the prescription.”The cyclist declared that blood doping and drug use was rampant in the early 1990s and continued, on a smaller scale, all the way up until 2005. “Nobody’s claimed [the vacant Tour de France titles 1999-2005] and nobody ever will claim them.”Froome urges Lance Armstrong to speak upLance Armstrong offers co-operation if he’s treated equally IRISH SOIGNEUR EMMA O’REILLY has received a personal, and long sought after, apology from Lance Armstrong. Armstrong responded to her accusations about his drug cheating by labelling her a prostitiute and an alcoholic but has since held his hands up and admitted he was wrong.O’Reilly, who was a masseuse on the U.S Postal team during Armstrong’s tainted reign as Tour de France champion, was one of the Texan cyclist’s biggest critics during his many years of denying his drug use. Armstrong was vociferous in his denials and often reserved the worst of his bile for the Irishwoman.Following his admission, during an interview with Oprah Winfrey in January, of taking performance enhancing drugs, Armstrong said he would like to make it up to O’Reilly and confirmed that her claims against him had been correct.The Daily Mail’s Matt Lawton arranged a face-to-face meeting between O’Reilly and Armstrong in the town of Celebration, Florida on Sunday. The personal apology from Armstrong was forthcoming.O’Reilly commented, “It was too big a situation to just have a chat about it on the phone. I wanted to eyeball him. You can’t keep kicking an injured dog. I wasn’t here to humiliate him. But I wanted closure.”A contrite Armstrong, who has now been stripped of his Tour de France titles, attempted to explain why he had gone after O’Reilly with such gusto. Saying sorry, he added, was the least he could do. Armstrong said:I wanted to talk to her. I felt it was necessary to have a conversation because there were definitely people that got caught up in this story who deserved an apology from me. When I reached out in January it was to talk. Emma, I appreciate, wasn’t ready for that. But it’s good that, tonight, we are doing this in person.”last_img read more

As it happened Perpignan v Munster Heineken Cup

History lesson What happened during the 1983 abortion referendum

first_imgThe State acknowledges the right to life of the unborn and, with due regard to the equal right to life of the mother, guarantees in its laws to respect, and, as far as practicable, by its laws to defend and vindicate that right.On winning the November 1982 election, Garret Fitzgerald promised to follow through with the plan to insert the clause into the Constitution. In its Programme for Government, Fine Gael and Labour agreed to allow a free vote in the Dáil.Even with that decision, the issue was never straightforward. There were disagreements about the wording of the insertion, leading to the Fine Gael-Labour coalition losing that vital vote in Leinster House. So, instead of the government’s alternative wording, the initial Fianna Fáil amendment was put to the people on 7 September.Before then, however, the Taoiseach was inundated with opinion from various lobby groups, churches and lay people.According to an internal memo between two officials in the department, the correspondence to the Taoiseach was divided but not in “as clear-cut” a way as they first appeared.“People object or agree to the amendment for different reasons and they also propose different solutions,” says the document.It gives a brief summary of what both the pro-amendment and anti-amendment sentiment was at the time.The Catholic hierarchy supported the original wording, while many of the other churches in the land disagreed for various reasons.Ordinarly, lay people, writing to advance the pro-life amendment after the coalition changed the proposed wording following advice from the Attorney General, asked:Before the last election you were in favour of the amendment. How can you change your mind at this stage?How can anyone in their sane mind consider it sectarian?Must the majority in the South always bow to minority opinions?Why the lack of legal interest since the election?I should feel very concerned that your positive statement on this serious matter was just an election gimmick – you cannot have made it without deep consideration and lengthy discussions?The letters also outlined the following sentiments:This amendment is absolutely necessary at this time. It should not be postponed.The majority of Irish people do not want abortion, so that can speak for the nation.Honour your commitment and do not meddle with the wording.All I want is the right to vote per your pre-election commitment.Your party does not speak with one voice but with many voices.The wording of the amendment need have nothing complex or legal in it at all. All it need say is that the unborn are treated equally with the born.A selection of similar Pro-Life postcards kept in the Taoiseach’s Department. (Image: Sinéad O’Carroll/ the other side, those opposed to the amendment spoke about ‘more pressing issues’ such as removing the ‘illegitimacy’ label and allowing adoption for those born to “inadequate parents”.There was also a number of the opinion that there was no urgent need to push through the amendment and that, even if it was, thousands of women would continue to “go to England each year for abortions”.Many sections of the Protestant community were against the amendment, with the Dean of St Patrick’s telling the Taoiseach that the Constitution should “steer clear of controversial and moral questions”.“This amendment will encourage all the ills and will do no good and will encourage every nutty group to narrow our freedoms even more,” he continued.Having trouble viewing the image? Click here.In the end, the wording put forward by Fine Gael and Labour -Nothing in this Constitution shall be invoked to invalidate, or to deprive of force or effect, any provision of a law on the ground that it prohibits abortion.- was not looked upon favourably by any church operating in Ireland.The fresh amendment sought to ensure that the legislation prohibiting abortion – the Offences Against the Person Act, 1861 – could not be deemed unconstitutional by the courts.In a letter to the Pro-Life Campaign, Fitzgerald said it was arrived at after an “agonising six weeks trying to square the circle”.He explained that the alternatives considered by his party would be open to interpretation by the Supreme Court which would undermine the purpose of the amendment – that is “to ensure that the Supreme Court could not legalise abortion over the heads of the Oireachtas and against the wishes of the people”.The Taoiseach was clear that “every member” of his party was “personally committed to prevent the introduction of abortion”.Justice Minister Michael Noonan moved the new amendment in April 1983.Despite Fine Gael’s protestations, the alternative wording was criticised strongly with Fianna Fáil arguing that it would not protect the constitutional right to life of the mother. The amendment was defeated by 87 votes to 65 in the Dáil and the original version put to referendum.In an unusual turn of events, Garret Fitzgerald then campaigned against the amendment. It is still a rare case of a non-government amendment being put to referendum.A postcard kept in the Department of the Taoiseach. (Image: Sinéad O’Carroll/ book published by the Family Life Research Centre at the Knock Shrine in Mayo centres on the ‘Abortion Truck’ arriving in Ireland. Some of the literature sent to politicians of the day give an idea of the extremities lobby groups could go to get their views seen and heard.In a February 1982 letter to the Taoiseach’s adviser, barrister Frank Callanan (who was widely tipped to be named Attorney General in 2011 but missed out to Máire Whelan), suggested that Fitzgerald should make a speech which contained an “express attack on extreme advocates of the amendment who have used the issue to divide confuse and embitter opinion in the country”.The following year, the adviser wrote back to confirm that the Taoiseach had considered a speech to highlight his regret that the whole issue had turned into a party political one.“I think he felt that such a statement of his position would have solved many problems,” she wrote. “But as the whole debate has been conducted in terms of who h as stopped beating whose wife, the right moment never seemed to be available.”A draft address kept in the department does criticise “extreme pressure groups” (not the Pro-Life Amendment Campaign).“There will always in any society be people with fanatical views willing to lend themselves to campaigns of defamation against those who do not fall into line with them in their more extreme demands – campaigns of defamation such as in this instance were directed in writing against a member of my party in leaflets handed out at our Ard Fheis, and verbally, by whispering and innuendo, throughout the county against myself in the weeks and months before this issue came to a head,” it reads.Politicians have to live with this kind of treatment and if they have not got hides tough enough to stand it, they would be better off outside politics. But the political system itself becomes vulnerable when political parties themselves stoop to take advantage of the emotions aroused by such fanaticism, distorting the democratic process by doing so.The Taoiseach noted that the public had been confused by the issue at hand because it was quite extraordinarily complex. That was not helped, he added, by the passions aroused on both sides or by the extent to which it had “regrettably come to be politicised”.After almost three years of campaigning, protesting, rallies and vigils, the Pro-Life Amendment – as originally envisaged by Fianna Fáil in the early 1980s – was put to referendum and passed on 7 September 1983 with a 67 per cent majority. It was signed into law just one month later.Three decades later, Irish people continue to debate its merits and pitfalls and there are plans for a campaign next year to repeal the amendment to allow for less restrictive rules here.The Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act, which was voted through earlier this year but has yet to commence, will legislate for the decision in the X Case where the Supreme Court allowed for abortion in the case of a woman’s life being at risk of suicide.For further study, see the National Archives Ref 2013/100/557-569More: The Attorney General’s advice NOT to introduce ‘pro-life’ constitutional amendment FILTERING THROUGH THE thousands of memos, letters, speeches and notes held in the Taoiseach’s Department from 1983, it is easy to discern what was the biggest issue for Irish people at the time.Although the phone tapping scandal, economic troubles, the IRA hunger strikers and a growing drugs problem in the capital all captured the public’s attention, nothing divided people’s opinion in the same way as the freshly-ignited debate on Ireland’s laws prohibiting abortion.An extremely strong campaign had emerged early in the 1980s to lobby the government to introduce a ‘Pro-Life amendment’. The move came in the wake of the Roe versus Wade verdict in the US Supreme Court which allowed for the introduction of less restrictive regimes.There was genuine fear in Ireland that the courts could do something similar here unless a Constitutional provision prohibiting abortion was introduced.An ad in The Irish Times, 15 July 1980 (Image: Sinéad O’Carroll/ sample of a postcard received by the Taoiseach. (Image: Sinéad O’Carroll/ 1982, Charlie Haughey’s government proposed to amend the Constitution by adding Article 40.3.3:last_img read more

Gardaí search for Cork man missing since the early hours of Saturday

first_imgUpdated 06 January 2014: Jason O’Connor was found safe and wellGARDAÍ IN CORK are seeking help to find a 32-year-old man missing since the early hours of Saturday morning.Jason O’Connor from Silversprings was last seen near his home at about 5am yesterday morning.He is described as being 5′ 9” in height, of thin build, with short dark hair and green eyes.When last seen he was wearing a black anorak jacket, a brown and blue striped t-shirt and a cap.Anyone with information is asked to contact Mayfield Garda Station 021-4558510 or the Garda Confidential Line on 1800 666 111.last_img read more

Jamie Heaslip signs new threeyear IRFU contract

first_imgJAMIE HEASLIP HAS signed a new three-year contract, the IRFU confirmed today, ending the long-running saga over the Leinster and Ireland back-row’s future.The IRFU will be celebrating yet another contract market success this evening, having also recently tied Sean O’Brien, Paul O’Connell and Keith Earls to central deals for the next two years. Heaslip’s signature has been fought over for some months, with Top 14 side Toulon offering the Lions back row an attractive deal.The No. 8 and his agent Damien O’Donohoe of Ikon Talent are understood to have visited the Mediterranean coast-based outfit’s facilities, but ultimately RCT president Mourad Boudjellal could not convince Heaslip to make a permanent move.The 30-year-old says he is pleased to be staying in Ireland. Heaslip also posted a message on his personal Instagram page, thanking his agent and Leinster CEO Mick Dawson.Speaking on behalf of the IRFU, CEO Phillip Browne echoed Heaslip’s sentiments.“We are delighted that Jamie has committed his future to Leinster and Ireland for the next three years. He has been one of most consistent performers and top number eights in world rugby for many years and has played a starring role for Leinster, Ireland and the Lions.”Meanwhile, Leinster’s Mick Dawson expressed his relief that the province will be holding on to one of their most consistent and important players.“We are delighted that Jamie has signed a new IRFU contract which keeps him at Leinster up to the end of the 2017 season. Jamie has played a massive role in Leinster’s success over the past six or seven years, he is a key leader within the squad and he will play an integral part in the club’s plans to compete for silverware in the years to come.”Jamie Heaslip signs new three-year IRFU contractO’Donnell, Madigan and Copeland start in exciting Wolfhounds team It is great to have signed on for another three years with Leinster. Leinster is where I wanted to continue playing and I am happy that the process is now at end. I am looking forward to playing my role in driving success for both Leinster and Ireland.”last_img read more

16 emotions Garth Brooks fans will experience while trying to buy tickets

first_imgNO MATTER WHAT your musical tastes, you’ve probably found yourself in the position that Garth Brooks fans will be in tomorrow morning.  They’ll have a window, a small window during which tickets for his gigs will be available, and after that it will all be over.We’ve all set our alarms at one time or other, to get our hands on hotly anticipated tickets.  Whether it’s One Direction tickets for your daughter, tickets to see REM in the Olympia, or your only chance to catch Disclosure, the feelings are the same.Here are 16 emotions you experience when trying to buy tickets for a gig at the same time as everyone else.ExcitementThis is going to be great.  You, and all your mates at this amazing gig that everyone wants to go to?  It could be the best night of the year.FearA lot of people want these tickets. What if you don’t get them? What if the people who queue up at Ticketmaster get them all?  Maybe you should queue up in town, at least then you’d be sure to get them…ReadinessYou’ve set your alarm. You’ve reminded your mates to set their alarms.  Your laptop and phone are charged.  Between all of that you’ll definitely get them.  You are ready for this.AnticipationYou’ve got the screen open.  You’ve cracked your knuckles. You’ve clicked the mouse a few times to make sure it works.  You are ready to hit refresh.ParanoiaThe site says they’re not on sale yet.  Are they really not on sale yet?  Are they on sale for everyone else?  Is it just you? Is your clock wrong? What if your clock’s wrong? Do they go on sale at nine exactly or a minute before? Or a minute after?  WHAT IS HAPPENING?Adrenaline RushTHEY’RE ON SALE.  It’s go time.TerrorWhy does the site keep crashing?  Why is this happening?  Is everyone else getting tickets?RageThis is BULLS**T!  They knew that there would be loads of people on trying to buy these tickets, why is the site crashing?  Why does this always happen to you?ReliefAaaand you’re back in, things could be ok yet.JealousyThat jerk you know has already posted on Facebook about having their tickets.  How did they manage that?  You’ve been trying since 8:57 and you can’t get through the ticket selection page?IrritationDelivery method?  Who has time for a discussion on delivery method at a time like this?HopeThere it is.  The elusive ‘submit order’ button!Rage (again)VERIFIED BY VISA WOULD YOU EVER FECK OFF!  That clock is ticking and you can never bloody remember this password.PalpitationsThey’re confirming your order, and you just wish they’d confirm it faster because you can practically smell the gig at this stage but until you get that e-mail you won’t be happy.Unbridled joyYou got them!  Time to Facebook, tweet, text and jump up and down.NonchalanceFive minutes after the process all of those intense emotions are a distance memory.You’re completely nonchalant.  Did you get tickets? What tickets?People are ALREADY queueing for Garth Brooks tickets>9 times George Clooney’s AMA proved he’s the smoothest man in Hollywood>last_img read more

Poll Neknominations Dangerous craze or just plain stupid

first_img I don’t know. (2998) It’s a worry, and sets a dangerous example for young people.People have been knocking back pints for centuries — it’s fine.It’s just stupid — people doing it look ridiculous and immature.I don’t know.Vote CONCERNS ARE BEING raised over a new alcohol-related social media craze. Kind of a modern-day chain letter — ‘neknominations’ involve people chugging back an alcoholic drink, posting the video on social media, and then nominating two friends to follow suit and do the same.Alcohol Action Ireland says the new trend is a threat to the health and wellbeing of young people in Ireland, and further promotes “harmful binge drinking”.The issue’s begun to receive more widespread media attention in Ireland today, after the craze was initially picked up on earlier this month.So what do you think of ‘neknomination’? It’s just stupid — people doing it look ridiculous and immature. (3125) Poll Results: People have been knocking back pints for centuries — it’s fine. (1653) It’s a worry, and sets a dangerous example for young people. (462)last_img read more

Christine Brigid and now Ruth Why are women getting the blame for

first_imgWE HAD ‘STORM Christine’ at the start of the year — while last weekend ‘Brigid’ wreaked havoc across Limerick, Cork, Clare and other parts of the country. This morning, meanwhile, we’ve been enjoying a visit from ‘Ruth’.So why all the women’s names? And who’s coming up with them anyway? (And, whatever about Christine or Ruth, since when has anyone heard of a ‘Brigid’ who caused any trouble whatsoever?)Well — to date at least, it appears misogyny plays little or no part in how these names are decided.TV3 weatherman Deric Hartigan came up with the moniker for the New Year storm — apparently on the basis that it landed pretty soon after Christmas. And last weekend’s weather system hit the country on 1 February — and as anyone who received an Irish primary school education will know, that’s the feast day of a certain Kildare-based saint.The tradition of naming storms after the closest saint’s day is hundreds of years old (remember the ‘St Jude’ storm system last October?). In the Carribean, there was even a precedent for such storms to have a sequel — for instance, there are two ‘San Felipe’ hurricanes: one in 1876 that caused less than 20 deaths, and another in 1928 that killed thousands across the region and in Florida.Brigid. A known toublemaker [Wikimedia Commons]And Ruth? It appear’s Hartigan’s again responsible for bringing the name to the wider attention of the Irish media, after he began using it on Twitter this week.The storm was originally named by The Free University in Berlin, which began christening all high and low weather systems in 1954. Though the initiative isn’t sanctioned by official forecasting organisations, names given by the college are regularly used in the German media and elsewhere.[Image: Free University Berlin]And the advantages of christening a storm? It’s kind of ‘know your enemy thing’ — at least, as far as Hartigan is concerned.“In Ireland, we’ve never really paid much attention to storm names but due to the increased intensity and destructive nature of recent storms, we’re beginning to latch onto them,” the presenter told“By giving them a name, it’s simply a way of giving the public a closer connection to a particular storm as it builds, approaches and makes landfall.”Gender warsThe issue of using women’s names has caused trouble before (not that it’s causing any particular trouble this time… but this article began with a certain premise, so you’ll have to stick with us). The National Hurricane Centre in Miami — which is the only officially-recognised agency to name Atlantic storms — used female names only until quite recently. The current system of alternating female and and male names was only introduced in 1979 (more women were becoming meteorologists by then, and found the previous system just that little bit sexist).According to the US Government’s Atlantic Oceanographic & Meteorological Laboratory: So, currently — the official list of hurricane names begins with Arthur, Bertha an Cristobal and ends with Teddy, Vicky and Wilfred (even though ‘Wilfred’ sounds even less likely than Brigid to cause the least bit of bother). There are six lists used, and they’re recycled every year.They had a similar issue over at the Free Berlin University too, and in 1998 switched from their previous tradition of naming all “bad weather” systems after women and all “good weather” ones after men. Now, the ladies just get the blame in even-numbered years.[Weather reports from Berliner Tagesspiegel, n-tv and Sat1 Television]Why don’t Met Éireann give names to storms that affect Ireland? Sure they have enough to be getting on with, as they told us in the wake of ‘Christine’:“If we named every depression we’d go through the alphabet five times over ever year.” Mixed outlookThe country’s been warned to expect as many as three more storm systems before next weekend. So depending on whether or not Berlin’s nomenclature catches on to any great degree — that could mean potential visits from ‘Tini’, ‘Ulla’ and ‘Violetta’.However — if we go with a more traditional naming method, there’s always a chance the gender balance could be restored somewhat by a ‘Storm Valentine’.Either way, we’re all likely to get a little damp over the next few days. And despite Brigid dropping-by last weekend — spring remains on hold.Read: Why Storm Christine wasn’t actually called Storm ChristineRead: Here’s what’s on the way tonight… And no end in sight, says Met Éireanncenter_img From 1950 to 1952, tropical cyclones of the North Atlantic Ocean were identified by the phonetic alphabet (Able-Baker-Charlie-etc.), but in 1953 the US Weather Bureau switched to women’s names after the Armed Services’ practice.In 1979, under political pressure, the US National Weather Service (NWS) requested that the WMO’s Region IV Hurricane Committee switch to a hurricane name list that alternated men’s and women’s names.last_img read more

Kenny set for shamrock ceremony at White House on Tuesday

first_imgTAOISEACH ENDA KENNY will be welcomed by President Barack Obama to the White House next week for the now-traditional ‘shamrock ceremony’.The ceremony began back in 1952, during the time President Harry Truman was in office, when the then-Irish ambassador John Joseph Hearn dropped a box of shamrock at the White House for him.Though President Truman was out of town, he later sent a message back to Ambassador Hearne in which he said that he hoped “relations between the two countries will continue to be on a good and effective level for generations.”St Patrick’s Day was seen as an opportunity to strengthen Irish-US relations in the wake of WWII and Ireland’s neutrality. Since 1952, the shamrock ceremony has given Irish politicians the chance to spend time in the public glare with the US president, which is a huge opportunity.President John F Kennedy receives shamrocks from the old sod from Irish Ambassador Thomas J Kiernan, at the White House in Washington on March 17, 1962. From left to right are: Rep. Michael J Kirwan, Kennedy, Kiernan, and Rep John E Fogarty. (AP Photo/John Rous)This year, President Obama will welcome Kenny to the White House on Tuesday, 19 March.In the morning, the two will meet in the Oval Office, before attending the traditional St Patrick’s Day lunch at the US Capitol.In the evening, the President and the First Lady will host a reception to celebrate their fifth St Patrick’s Day at the White House, during which the annual shamrock ceremony will take place.Here is a look back at the history of the shamrock ceremony:(US Embassy Dublin/YouTube)Read: How did the White House shamrock event first start?last_img read more

POLL Who is your Premier League Player of the Season so far

first_img Poll Results: Luis Suarez (3283) Gareth Bale (2644) Robin van Persie (993) AFTER GARETH BALE’S incredible display against West Ham last Monday, some critics began to consider him a contender for the Premier League Player of the Season award.However today, Luis Suarez reaffirmed his credentials with a clinical hat-trick in Liverpool’s comfortable victory over Wigan.Robin van Persie, meanwhile, though he perhaps hasn’t been as prominent as Bale and Suarez of late, has continually dazzled with his performances since joining Manchester United.Therefore, we’re asking: who deserves to be given the top gong come awards season?Van Persie’s goals have earned his team more points than any other player in the league, so does he deserve to triumph on that basis?Bale, on the other hand, has racked up the goals, despite the ostensible disadvantage of invariably playing in a less advanced role than Suarez and RVP.Or maybe you think Suarez is the worthy winner, given that he currently has more goals than any other Premier League player this season?Let us know by voting and commenting below.Who is your Player of the Year so far? Other (1008) Robin van PersieLuis SuarezGareth BaleOtherVoteStokes finds the net as Celtic stay on course for domestic doubleVIDEO: Ramos heads Real Madrid to another Clasico victory>last_img read more

Tight at the top Only 3pc separates three parties in latest poll

first_imgFINE GAEL remains Ireland’s most popular political party, according to the latest opinion poll of voter intentions – but there is just three per cent between the top three parties.The Millward Brown poll published in this morning’s Sunday Independent shows that if a general election was to be held tomorrow, Fine Gael would receive 24 per cent of the vote – down one point from the last poll by the same company.Fianna Fáil – which had topped the last Millward Brown poll – falls back to second place, dropping four points to 23 per cent, just one point behind its rival.Sinn Féin’s strong performances in recent polls continue; it is up one point to 21 per cent, and is now just three per cent behind the top party.Labour, meanwhile, continues its poor form and falls two points to 11 per cent.Independent candidates and those of other parties command the support of the remaining 22 per cent of voters.The poll took responses from 983 people – leaving a margin of error of 3 per cent, meaning the gap between top three parties could be even closer.However, the poll also found that 28 per cent of people had not decided on how they would vote – indicating that there is still plenty of room for parties to try and win extra support.In an interview with, Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams insisted he would lead his party into the next election – saying senior figures like he and Martin McGuinness wanted to continue leading the party through the ‘transition’ that has brought it to power in Northern Ireland.Read: Gerry Adams: ‘I’ll certainly lead Sinn Féin into the next election’Poll: Which party leader should be Taoiseach after the next election?last_img read more

Louis van Gaal confirmed as new Man United manager

first_imgUpdated at 14.56LOUIS VAN GAAL has succeeded David Moyes as the new permanent Man United manager, it has been confirmed today.It was also announced that Ryan Giggs, who has confirmed his retirement as a player, will be assistant manager, while Frans Hoek and Marcel Bout join as assistant coaches.Van Gaal has been strongly linked with the job ever since Moyes’ sacking, with Ryan Giggs serving as interim boss during the club’s search for a new boss.The 62-year-old will officially take charge once he finishes his current job managing the Netherlands at the World Cup.5 qualities that Louis van Gaal will bring to his new role as Man United boss He is one of the most highly-regarded coaches currently working in football today, having won numerous accolades and already managed Ajax, Barcelona and Bayern Munich among other esteemed sides.A statement on the official Man United website read: “Louis van Gaal will take over as manager of Manchester United from the 2014/15 season. He has signed a three-year contract.“Louis, 62, has managed at the top level of European football for over 20 years and in that time has won domestic titles and domestic cups in three countries, as well as the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Cup, an Intercontinental Cup, two UEFA Super Cups and domestic Super Cups in Holland and Germany.“He will take up his post after the FIFA World Cup, where he will manage the Dutch national team.“Ryan Giggs, English football’s most decorated footballer and the United player with most appearances in the club’s history, has been appointed as assistant manager. Ryan took charge of the first team for the last four matches of the 2013/14 season.”United’s executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward added: “In Louis van Gaal, we have secured the services of one of the outstanding managers in the game today. He has achieved many things in his career to date and Old Trafford provides him with a fitting stage on which to write new chapters in the Manchester United story.”Trophyless Barcelona set for ‘profound changes’5 key players in Atletico Madrid’s title-winning seasonlast_img read more

Strike looms in ambulance service over unsuitable posts

first_imgSIPTU MEMBERS OF the HSE’s ambulance service are to ballot for industrial action over a failure to implement staff redeployment recommendations made by the Labour Court.The recommendations said that if a post was not suitable for a person in the ambulance service, they can be transferred to the wider public service.SIPTU organiser Paul Bell said there are currently 103 people who are “not in the right job right now” – some waiting to be redeployed for over a year. The recommendations were made under the terms of the Haddington Road Agreement, which made a staff reshuffle necessary as part of the restructuring of services in the National Ambulance Service.Addressing a meeting in Liberty Hall of shop stewards and activists in the HSE today, Bell said the union had been given “no alternative” but to ballot workers. The ballot will include advanced paramedics, emergency medical technicians, controllers and patient transport service professionals.If workers vote to strike, this would be the first strike under the Haddington Road Agreement. The ballot will commence on 27 June and will be completed by three weeks.Read: “Impossible response times” being demanded from paramedics>Read: Ambulances spent 8,000 hours parked outside hospitals in April>last_img read more

At least 19 dead after train crashes into school bus in India

first_img Source: ANI/Twitter EIGHTEEN CHILDREN WERE killed this morning when a train crashed into their school bus at an unmanned railroad crossing in southern India, police said.The bus driver also died while another 20 children aged between 7 and 14 were injured and hospitalized, 15 of them in critical condition, said Telangana state education minister G. Jagdishwar Reddy.They were on their way to the school Thursday morning when the train hit the bus, dragging it several hundred feet (about 100 metres) along the tracks in the Medak district in Telengana state, Nallamala said.The death toll from today’s accident seems likely to rise, however, with Indian news sources reporting 26 fatalities, 25 of them schoolchildren. Telangana Bus-Train collision : Rescue ops underway at accident site— ANI (@ANI) July 24, 2014center_img Hundreds of angry villagers rushed to the scene, 95 kilometers (60 miles) north of Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana state.Some of them hurled stones at police as shocked parents grieved their loss.A father who lost both of his children suffered a heart attack and died after hearing the news of the collision, said state Irrigation Minister T. Harish Rao. Locals and relatives of victims gather at the site of the accident. Source: Mahesh Kumar A.The area is nearly 1,500 kilometers (930 miles) south of New Delhi.Accidents are common on India’s railroad network, one of the world’s largest, with 23 million people riding daily on about 11,000 passenger trains. Most accidents are blamed on poor maintenance and human error. Source: Google MapsThere are hundreds of unmanned crossings across the country, especially in remote areas.Poor finances limit efforts by rail authorities to staff the dangerous crossings around the clock.Additional reporting by Dan Mac GuillRead: At least 57 dead, death toll still rising as train flies off rails in Congo swamp>Pics: Four dead, 63 injured as passenger train derails in New York City>last_img read more