Complaints against Vodafone Dublin Airport and a psychic healer upheld

first_imgLAST MONTH, THE Advertising Standards Agency of Ireland (ASAI) dealt with 13 complaints about alleged breaches of advertising codes.The complaints related to honesty or truthfulness, principles and health and beauty. Twelve of the complaints were upheld and one was not.Ten of the complaints upheld had been made by consumers and most accused the advertisements of being misleading.Among them was a complaint about ‘psychic healer’ Donald Moore whose advertisement claimed he could help with “asthma arthritis, depression, miscarriage, smoking/weight control, ME tumours, anxiety, emotional upset, vertigo, insomnia, IBS, self harm etc.”The ASAI said the advertiser failed to respond to the complaint and noted that this was not the first instance of this style of advertising by Moore. It cited a code section that says advertising must not offer any product or treatment for serious or prolonged ailments for for conditions requiring the attention of a registered practitioner.Terms and conditionsA complaint against Vodafone stated that the customer was not aware that an offer which included a new phone every year would automatically result in a further 24-month contract. Vodafone argued that the advertisement clearly highlighted that each contract was subject to terms and conditions and these included a mention of re-entering a 24-month contract.However, the ASAI said it that terms and conditions should be clearly linked to from an offer so that they are easily found by customers and upheld the complaint.Dublin Airport Authority also had to answer for an advertisement it ran offering a free cup of coffee and fast track through security for those booking the short-term car park. The terms and conditions specified that bookings had to be made midweek and online and the ASAI said these factors should have been mentioned in the main copy of the radio advertisement.Other complaints included one against a dating website over its ‘free’ membership policy, a complaint about an Eircom bundle and one about a Danone Actimel ad which said your immune system needs a healthy breakfast.A full list of complaints can be found on the ASAI website. Read: Ads in breach: Small print from Three, bad coverage from eMobile, indecency from The Wright Venue>Read: Kellogg’s agree to axe music from new ad after Kodaline controversy>last_img read more

Climate Change Could Be Responsible For Fall Of Roman Empire

first_imgClimate change may seem like a recent phenomenon, but the Earth has undergone several significant environmental shifts in the past. In fact, climate change may have been one of the contributing factors to the fall of the Roman Empire.In addition to various political and cultural influences, researchers say that the centuries of unpredictable weather experienced by the Romans is likely one of the key components to the empire’s demise. The researchers analysed tree rings from over 9,000 trees to determine the environmental history of Europe over the last 2,500 years.“Relatively modest changes in European climate in the past have had profound implications for society,” Penn State’s Michael Mann told New Scientist.This isn’t the first time that climate change has been linked to cultural changes. For years scientists have debated whether or not climate change can be linked to civil wars in Africa.last_img read more

Mozilla Foundation moves in next door to Google in San Francisco

first_imgGoogle‘s corporate headquarters is in Mountain View, California, just under an hour from downtown San Francisco. That doesn’t stop the search giant from keeping a well-staffed office downtown however, and now the Mozilla Foundation is opening up a brand new office in the same building. To make matters more interesting, the Mozilla Foundation’s headquarters is also in Mountain View, not too far from – you guessed it – Google’s campus.San Francisco and the surrounding area – what most of us call Silicon Valley – have long been a booming center for high-tech companies looking to set up shop or find office space and talent for their startups. The Mozilla Foundation has been in the area since its inception. Plus, it’s no coincidence that they want to keep their offices parked next to the folks at Google, and that they want to be near the heart of the action in downtown San Francisco. They go where the talent is.AdChoices广告Mozilla says their new offices at Hills Plaza will be designed for volunteer activities and collaborative work, which probably means lots of open workspaces and conference rooms as opposed to offices and closed doors. They also noted that the San Francisco office will be a hub for industry events and meetings, where they can invite partners and other tech companies to come and meet to exchange ideas.The city of San Francisco is pretty happy to have the Mozilla Foundation downtown as well. According to a statement from Mayor Edwin Lee, “Mozilla joins San Francisco’s robust and growing tech industry, and I am thrilled to welcome Mozilla to San Francisco.”According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the number of high-tech workers in the immediate area is getting close to the numbers seen during the 2000s-era dot-com bubble. Last year over 32,000 tech jobs were in the city, compared to just over 34,000 in 2000.Read more at SFGatelast_img read more

Bose founder donates majority of company stock to MIT

first_imgThe man who founded the Bose Corporation – makers of high-end audio equipment – is Dr. Amar Bose, and up until now he’s owned the majority of the company’s stock. Dr. Bose is a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) alum, and like many alumni who are proud of their alma mater, he wanted to give them a gift. So he did to the tune of the majority of Bose Corporation’s stock.The shares are non-voting, so MIT isn’t a controlling interest in Bose Corporation, but MIT will receive annual dividends on those shares when Bose Corporation pays its investors. The money will in turn be used for education and research: part of MIT’s core mission.AdChoices广告Dr. Bose got his bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and his doctorate – all three in electrical engineering – from MIT, so he has a great love for the school. He even joined the faculty there, teaching for 45 years while building the Bose Corporation and establishing it as a global leader in, among other things, audio research and technology.The company has always been privately owned, so it wasn’t an issue for Dr. Bose to make the decision to give the stock to MIT. In a statement, MIT President Susan Hockfield thanked Dr. Bose calling what he had done “a great gift.”One of the terms of the stock gift to MIT is that the university cannot sell its shares in Bose Corporation, and because the shares are non-voting, they don’t get involved in the management or operations of the company. That means that while MIT gets to sit back and collect dividends, they also don’t get a say in how Bose operates.While the gift may look like Dr. Bose is retiring or lining up his financial assets for some reason, it’s nothing of the sort. Bose will remain Chairman and Technical Director of Bose Corporation, and he’ll continue to lead the company – just without the stock he previously owned.Read more at MITlast_img read more

Barnes Noble announces smaller Nook with 2 month battery life

first_imgToday Barnes & Noble unveiled their newest Nook e-reader. The $139 WiFi-only device has a 6-inch touchscreen display and uses E Ink, which means that, unlike the Nook Color, it’s monochromatic. The so-called “Simple Touch Reader” will sell alongside the $249 Nook Color, and will ship on June 10th. It’s available for pre-order today.The new Nook moves from a 7-inch display to a 6-inch one, making for a lighter and more portable device. At 5 inches wide by 6.5 inches tall and weighing 7.5 oz. the Nook is easier than  ever to transport, making it a no-brainer to throw in a bag or backpack. This new model is said to be 35% lighter and 6% thinner than the original. And while the display measure at 6-inches, instead of 7-inches, it’s packed with all the perks you’d expect from a modern ebook reader: 800×600 resolution, an E Ink Pearl display, and 16 shade greyscale. The big perk of the new display is a decrease–by up to 80%–in flashing, which means less interruption when turning pages.Battery life for e-ink devices tends to be fantastic (they only use consume power when pages are turned) but B&N has raised the bar with the new Nook. This model is said to be able to last up to 2 months on a single charge, providing that you have the WiFi off. Recharge time will be about 3 hours once the device does finally need more juice.The Nook has 2GB of storage on-board, under a gigabyte of which is user-accessible. In addition to that the Nook can work with a microSD card which can hold up to 32GB of data (in other words, a lot). Supported formats include PDF, ePub, and JPG /GIF /PNG / BMP images.And for you geeks out there, the new Nook runs Android 2.1 and has an 800MHz OMAP 3 processor.The original Nook is available for $99 on eBay while supplies last. B&N will also continue to sell the Nook for $119 and then Nook 3G for $169.More at B&N or read the hands-on at PC Mag.last_img read more

Skydivers iPhone 4 survives 13500foot drop

first_imgApple iPhones are known for being quite the fragile device. Both the back and front is are cut out of glass, which means one accidental fall out of your pocket can cause the phone to shatter, resulting in a replacement that will leave your wallet a lot emptier than before the drop. One man, however, dropped his phone from 13,500 feet up. Most people would put top dollar on the phone being DOA, but surprisingly, the iPhone actually lived to see another day.Thanks to GPS tracking, Jarrod McKinney, 37, found his iPhone 4 on top of a building about 1.5 miles away from where he landed with his parachute after a skydiving excursion. McKinney forgot to zip the pocket of his skydiving pants when he rushed out the door of the plane. Of course, the glass was completely shattered. McKinney’s skydiving instructor called the phone, just to be funny, and lo and behold, the iPhone began vibrating in McKinney’s hand.AdChoices广告The iPhone 4 is had been dinged for having spotty service due to an antenna problem known as the “iPhone 4 death grip.” The solution from Apple was to give customers free bumpers to surround the phone and increase cell reception. You’d think with problems like this, a 13,500-foot drop would cause the reception to be worse or non-existent. However, it was quite the contrary.If you think it’s strange that McKinney took his phone with him while jumping out of a plane, you’d be surprised to know that many skydivers do this. The reasoning behind it is that they’ll be able to call for help if they land in an unintended location. You never know which way the wind will take you, and sometimes you can end up miles away from where you originally were supposed to land. If this is true for all iPhones (which we doubt it is), it could mean that a GPS tracking device would potentially be able to find a skydiver if they crash-landed.Of course, McKinney needs to get the glass replaced on his iPhone to actually be able to use it. He has been using it with Bluetooth after the crash.We’ve seen iPads and MacBook Pros dropped from extreme heights with the protection of the G-Form sleeves and come out in perfect condition, so we’d like to see an iPhone case from G-Form in case another skydiver drops his phone while jumping form a plane.via CNNlast_img read more

DC Universe Online goes freetoplay increases revenue 700 percent

first_imgEver since Blizzard launched World of Warcraft other developers and publishers have struggled to establish and keep a gamer base for competing MMOs. Blizzard were obviously very happy about this as it generated a lot of revenue, but it did force others to rethink how to make money from online games, with the result being Blizzard may never actually get away with charging to play an new MMO again.Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) recently decided to convert DC Universe Online from a $15 per month subscription game to free-to-play status in a bid to increase revenue. To say the switch has worked is a bit of an understatement.John Smedley, president of SOE, started tweeting yesterday about how well the game is doing now. The big number: daily revenue for the game has increased by 700%, with an almost equal split between PC and PS3 players (47% PC, 53% PS3). The player base has also shot up by over one million gamers since the switch, and continues to grow at a rate of 6% per day. Even better is the fact that 85% of players are returning to the game after trying it out.With such a huge increase in players and revenue for a well known IP, the question then becomes, does pay-to-play work anymore? With the game also generating revenue on PS3, this should make Sony more inclined to support free-to-play on its console, and for MMO developers to consider console ports more readily in future.Blizzard has stated that a free-to-play model for World of Warcraft may be considered in the future since the game’s player base is starting to erode, but they must also be considering any launch of a World of Warcraft 2 may require a free account option from day one. It makes financial sense according to the SOE figures, and I think players are starting to expect to play for free and pay for stuff they want in-game instead.via Kotakulast_img read more

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Hybrid packs both Wintel and ARM Android guts

first_imgQuick boot options have been used on plenty of laptops before–like HP’s QuickPlay, the instant-on media mode developed by CyberLink for its Pavilion line. While the newly-announced Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Hybrid (which you may have seen here before) is shipping with an instant-on option of its own, it’s been done in a very unique way: it has got dedicated ARM hardware inside to provide the operational power.Think of it as having an Android smartphone crammed inside your laptop, ready to boot into a landscape-oriented Android interface. An interface that just happens to look an awful lot like the one found on Lenovo’s current Android tablets, with a cluster of five key apps on the start screen: Watch (for videos), Listen (for music), Email, Write, and web browsing. That makes perfect sense when you consider the dual-core 1.2GHz Qualcomm processor, 1GB of RAM, and 16GB of internal storage closely resemble what you’d find in any current Android tablet from a big-name manufacturer.Lenovo hasn’t given any specifics about what apps will be preloaded, but you can guess that you’ll find the IdeaPad staples on the X1 Hybrid, too: Documents to Go, Citrix Receiver, Zinio, Kindle, Netflix… and perhaps even Angry Birds. Because you’re running tablet hardware on a laptop battery, Lenovo’s claim of 10 hours of continuous use seems pretty believable. As an added bonus, you’ll even be able to quickly jump to Windows if you desire, and it’ll probably happen pretty fast thanks to Lenovo’s quick boot wizardry.As far as the Windows side of the X1 Hybrid goes, it’s the same kind of hardware you’d find in the plain vanilla ThinkPad X1. Configurations sporting Intel Core i5 and i7 processors are available with RAM up to 8GB, and it’s packed into the same half-inch thick chassis. The abuse-tolerant Gorilla Glass display is included, too.The ThinkPad X1 Hybrid is due to hit retail shelves sometime in the middle of this year, and it’ll arrive with a starting price tag of $1,599 — or about what you’d pay for a pretty good Windows laptop and a separate Android tablet. But you’re getting them both in the same package here, which is extremely handy or just another dual-boot gimmick — we’ll have to reserve judgement until the X1 Hybrid makes its debut.More at The Vergelast_img read more

How to bypass SOPA restrictions

first_imgCongress will probably vote on SOPA soon. We don’t yet know what the outcome will be, but we do know that the copyright industries have donated heavily to nearly every senator and representative in Washington. If the measure (or a slightly modified version, like PIPA) passes, then the internet will be fundamentally altered.As it stands, the internet is like an open highway, where — apart from engaging in blatantly incriminating acts like terrorism, spilling government secrets, or distributing child porn — you’re basically free to do what you want. If SOPA passes, the internet will become more like a highway that is littered with police checkpoints and speed traps. Worse still, those police are less concerned with serving the public, and more interested in maximizing the profits of the copyright industries.Though some people find comfort living in a world of rules and authority figures, most modern thinkers would rather lean in the direction of personal liberty. SOPA does not support personal liberty. So what do you do if the legislation makes it through congress, and is ultimately signed by the president? We have some preemptive suggestions to help you to bypass SOPA:DeSOPAOne clever developer wasted no time in coming up with his own solution. As we’ve told you previously, DeSOPA is a Firefox extension that will supposedly bypass SOPA restrictions placed on any given website.Of course there aren’t yet any SOPA restrictions in place, but the DeSOPA method should be sound. It avoids DNS blocking by connecting to sites by IP address. It won’t work for every site (subdomains aren’t supported), but it’s a simple, free, and moderately effective place to start.Get DeSOPABrowse by IP addressThis is the DIY version of DeSOPA. You’ll simply open a Command Prompt (Windows) or Terminal (Mac) window, and ping the website that you want.So, for example, if you want the IP address of, you would type:ping After typing this, the site’s IP address will be displayed in the command/terminal window. Simply type that IP address (in geek’s case, it’s into a web browser.Of course if SOPA takes effect, pinging a blacklisted domain won’t give you its IP addresses anymore. If you’re worried that any of your favorite sites will get SOPA-slammed, you might want to plan ahead and make a list.Like DeSOPA, this approach isn’t perfect. Sites with Dynamic IP addresses won’t play nicely with this method. It is, however, a great method to try before bringing out the big guns.TorTor is a free application that routes your traffic through the computers of various volunteers. You may think such a method would leave your data wide open, but Tor’s “Onion” method of layering encryption is actually quite secure. In fact, it’s endorsed by the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) as a means for whistleblowers and human rights activists to communicate with journalists.What are the drawbacks? Like anything on the internet, Tor won’t protect your identity 100%. Tor also can lead to slower data speeds, so you may find that it’s more trouble than it’s worth.Get TorVPNFinally, we have the Big Daddy of all anti-SOPA solutions: a virtual private network (VPN). A VPN channels your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel, which will maintain your online anonymity.If SOPA passes, it’s important to find a VPN service that has servers outside of the US, or you’ll be stuck at square one. Most VPN providers will charge $10-20 per month, but you can often save by paying for a full year at a time.Again, nothing on the internet will protect you if you’re engaging in high-level criminal activity. For example, an alleged member of Lulzsec was found via his VPN. After revealing his provider (HideMyAss!) in an IRC thread, the FBI convinced a UK judge to have the VPN turn over its records. Those records apparently provided enough info to identify the Arizona resident and take him into custody. Those wanting maximum anonymity will insist on a provider that doesn’t keep activity logs, but for avoiding SOPA censorship, most non-US VPNs should more than suffice.One potential hole with VPNs is that there’s a clause in SOPA that may let the Department of Justice cut off VPN providers (never mind that VPNs can be used for a million things other than piracy). Non-US providers obviously couldn’t be shut down, but — in the most extreme scenario — payments to them could potentially be blocked. There will always be workarounds; but if SOPA reaches that far, things will get trickier.Some VPN providers who are trusted for maximum anonymity are SwissVPN, VPNTunnel, Ipredator, and WiTopia. Other popular services include VyprVPN, StrongVPN, and HideMyAss! The pros and cons of each could constitute an entire post, so we’d encourage you to merely use these as a starting point.Déjà VuThe saddest thing about all of this is that these solutions have been used before. While these workarounds will help you to bypass SOPA, they are the same methods that experts recommend for bypassing the national firewall in China.last_img read more

Ouya has over 300 games in development

first_img2013 is looking set to be a very busy year for the games industry. We expect both a new PlayStation and Xbox to come to market, but there’s also the promise of the Steam Box, Nvidia’s Project Shield (probably), and of course Ouya.It’s that last piece of hardware that could really upset the balance. Whereas we can expect both the PS4 and Xbox 720 to have price tags in the $399+ category, Ouya costs just $99. Price isn’t enough to sell a games platform, though. Ouya needs games, and it turns out we can expect a whole boatload of them.The Ouya Forum has been keeping track of all the Ouya games that are confirmed in development. Importantly, the games listed have for the most part been confirmed either by the actual game developer or Ouya themselves as actively being worked on.Typically you’d expect at most a couple of dozen launch games for a Sony or Microsoft console, Ouya already has more than 300 games on the horizon. How many of those titles will be ready for the launch of Ouya in March isn’t known, but even if it’s only 10 percent that’s still a lot of choice, even before you consider the console will run most existing Android games.How much of a problem this causes for Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo really depends on how well Ouya is marketed, whether there’s enough stock to keep up with demand, and just how good the games turn out to be. It certainly helps that 63,416 people have already pre-purchased the Ouya as part of the original Kickstarter campaign.Whatever happens, we have the prospect of a Christmas line-up this year that includes PS4, Xbox 720, Wii U, Steam Box, and Ouya. More than one of those platforms is going to suffer poor sales, but would you bet against a $99 machine with more games than all the other platforms put together being one of them?Check out the full (and growing) list of Ouya games on the Ouya Forumlast_img read more

Geek deals 449 for convertible touch laptop with Haswell

first_imgIf you’re shopping for a new laptop today, it’s near impossible to not trip over the plethora of touch-enabled thin & light laptops. It’s a tough crowd to stand out in, but today we’ve got a deal on one that definitely stands out, especially for the price.Lenovo’s IdeaPad Flex 14 is a new model from the #1 PC firm, combining a touchscreen with a 300 degree rotating hinge. It probably reminds you a lot of their Yoga line of laptops that rotate a full 300 degrees, but you’ll notice the price is nearly half of what you’d pay for a Yoga.While at first I questioned the point of a rotating hinge that only went 300 degrees around, effectively reversing the screen in a normal laptop position, it actually makes a lot of sense for using the touch-optimized Windows 8 OS and especially while consuming media of any type.Fitting onto a cramped airline food tray, easily browsing websites with the touch of a finger, or just casually watching video up-close and personal are all great uses of the touchscreen, hinge, and Windows 8 combination. The rest of the machine isn’t too shabby either, measuring just 0.85-inches thin, weighing 4.4 lbs, and with up to 9 hours of run-time.All the usual goodies like USB 3.0, Wireless-N, HDMI, and more are standard. The price of an entry-level Core i3 version is only $569 after a $220 coupon code, but the real bargain this week is a config with the new Haswell Celeron ULT 2955U. This chip has the same architecture as the other Haswell chips, just with slower clocks and less cache, and should provide great battery life while dropping the starting price to a ridiculous $449.Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 14 Haswell Convertible Touch Laptop for $449 + free shipping (reg. $569 | apply coupon USPF4951010 to left-most model 59395495 | ends Oct. 18)last_img read more

Widespread relief as garda strike called off at the 11th hour

first_img Nov 4th 2016, 7:58 AM By Garreth MacNamee Friday 4 Nov 2016, 7:58 AM Share66 Tweet Email Widespread relief as garda strike called off at the 11th hour The GRA will now ballot its members on recommendations from the Labour Court. Image: Sam Boal THERE WAS RELIEF on all sides this morning as the unprecedented garda strike was called off at the last minute.Late-night talks ended with the GRA narrowly agreeing to defer their action.The vote passed with 20 members of the Central Executive Committee voting in favour with 17 against.Recommendations from the Labour Court will now be put the membership of each body for a vote.The AGSI voted unanimously to ballot members.President Antoinette Cunningham said: 18,774 Views Short URL Image: Sam Boal Its approach to the gardaí pay issue was to put its head into the sand and hope that the GRA and AGSI were bluffing.“The government only allowed the two representative bodies into the workplace relations framework two days ago.“This issue has been simmering for years.“Lansdowne Road is slowly falling apart, and something is needed to replace it.”Read: Melania Trump caught plagiarising again, but this time she’s gone for one of her husband’s ex-wives >Read: Revenue sheriff suing RTÉ and plumber for defamation on Gerry Ryan Show > 55 Comments Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article A fundamental and historic wrong has been put right tonight as a direct result of the sustained four-year AGSI campaign to gain access to the Workplace Relations Commission and the Labour Court.“This has always been a key part of our commitment to members and that commitment intensified in recent weeks.”Measures which will be put to members include a €500 increase in rent allowance.Gardaí will also be paid for what are known as pre-tour briefings, a 15 minute handover between shifts.It is expected that this will be worth just under €1,500 a year to officers. Garda Commissioner Noirin O’Sullivan speaks to the media regarding the possible strike by the GRA. Source: Leah Farrell/RollingNews.ieTánaiste Frances Fitzgerald said she hopes that the recommendations put forward will solve the industrial dispute.She said: “I welcome the GRA’s decision to request its members to report for duty tomorrow in order to ensure that a full policing service is provided.“I want to thank the Workplace Relations Commission and the Labour Court for the invaluable role they have played in securing progress in this matter.”ConcernFianna Fáil justice spokesman, Jim O’Callaghan, welcomed the late night deferral.He said: “I am very pleased that tomorrow’s threatened garda strike has been postponed and I commend tonight’s decisions of the GRA and AGSI.“The prospect of this Garda strike caused deep concern throughout our community. The Irish public should never again be put in a position where they are exposed to the risk of losing garda protection.”CrisisSinn Féin TD David Cullinane echoed O’Callaghan’s comments and said the situation should never have been allowed to develop.He added: “This government has once again slept-walked into a crisis.last_img read more

Explainer Is this Italian about to deliver another bloody nose to establishment

first_img Saturday 3 Dec 2016, 8:45 AM #Italy #referendum poll [GPF]:No 32%Yes 26%Won’t vote 28.7%Undecided 4.6%Undecided but tend to No 5.3%Undecided but tend to Yes 4.3%— Yannis Koutsomitis (@YanniKouts) November 19, 2016 By Rónán Duffy Share2 Tweet Email 47 Comments Dec 3rd 2016, 8:45 AM 10,438 Views Beppe Grillo of the Five Stars Movement is campaigning for referendum No vote. Image: AP/Press Association Images Source: Yannis Koutsomitis/Twitter Image: AP/Press Association Images AFTER VOTERS IN the UK and the US firmly rebuked the political classes with Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, Italians could be next to deliver a bloody nose to the political establishment.The EU’s fifth largest economy goes to the polls in a referendum tomorrow that will decide on some major changes to their political system.In short, Italians are being asked whether to greatly reduce the power of their upper house, the Senate.In Italy, the Senate’s power is greater than in similar parliamentary democracies with two houses, like Ireland, and critics of the Senate have argued that it adds to the notorious political instability in the country.It’s proposed that members of the Senate will be drastically cut from 315 to 100 and that all members will be appointed rather than elected.The proposals for the Senate from Prime Minister Matteo Renzi go hand-in-hand with a new electoral reform law designed to ensure elections produce winners with clear majorities.Arguing for a referendum Yes vote in the Financial Times, Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni said that:There is no question that amendments to our constitution are necessary in order to make our institutions more efficient: no other European country has two chambers with duplicated functions; it is clear that there are far too many members of parliament.“The value of the proposed amendments is so obvious that regular attempts have been made to introduce them since the 1980s.” Demonstrations have shown the depth of feeling in Italy ahead of tomorrow’s vote. Source: Andrew Medichini/APAs ever though with referendums, campaigns are rarely fought on the issue at hand alone and Prime Minister Renzi has perhaps unwisely made this explicitly the case.The centre-left leader has suggested he will step down if voters reject the referendum, giving fuel to opponents who seek to make the vote about his premiership.They argue that constitutional fine-tuning is far from being an obvious priority in a country with high unemployment and declining real incomes.Former comedian-turned-politician Beppe Grillo is among those opposed to the referendum with his Five Star Movement arguing it would give greater power to politicians.The populist party was founded just seven years ago but has established itself as the biggest rival to Renzi’s  Democratic Party. Its representative Virginia Raggi is currently the mayor of Rome and the party is targeting a place in government.Grillo came to political prominence in 2007 when her organised Vaffanculo Day, or ‘Fuck Off Day’, across Italy in opposition to other political reforms.The fear from Renzi and others who are campaigning for the referendum is that Italians will send a similar message tomorrow.The Five Star Movement are far from being alone in opposition to the referendum though. The separatist Northern League are campaigning for a No vote as is four-time Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.The fear from Brussels ahead of tomorrow’s referendum is that a defeat would mean a collapse of the government and potential political chaos in Italy. Italian Premier Matteo Renzi is fighting for his political life. Source: Michael Sohn/PAIf voters reject proposals, Renzi has said:There will still be a government, whether it istechnical, political, super technical or super political.“We will do everything that has to be done to ensure Italy is ready to face its challenges,” he added.Renzi was speaking as he presented his 2017 budget plans to the media after winning backing for them last week from the Chamber of Deputies.The budget includes plans to loosen the fiscal strings to finance tax cuts, increased health and education spending and measures to help smaller companies and the country’s earthquake-hit areas.The freeing up of spending plans has already put Renzi on a collision course with the European Commission, so further disagreements aren’t what Brussels wants. Beppe Grillo of the Five Stars Movement is campaigning for referendum No vote. Short URL An opinion poll earlier this month showed that 32% of Italians plan to vote No and 26% are leaning towards Yes. It means that the referendum may well be defeated but undecided voters will be crucial.- With reporting by © – AFPRead: The last person alive born in the 1800s celebrates her birthday today >Read: Boris Johnson’s ‘Prosecco’ warning hasn’t gone down too well in Europe > Explainer: Is this Italian about to deliver another bloody nose to establishment politics? Beppe Grillo’s opposition to a crucial referendum could spell the end for the current Prime Minister. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

We decided not to remove the Deaf gene and let nature take

first_img‘We decided not to remove the Deaf gene, and let nature take its course’ Presenter Sarah-Jane Moloney is proud to be Deaf, but she was relieved her two babies would not face the same barriers she did. Feb 26th 2017, 7:20 AM Sarah-Jane with her husband Conan and their children. By Michelle Hennessy Sarah-Jane with her husband Conan and their children. Image: Michelle O’Sullivan Photography Share Tweet Email1 24 Comments center_img Image: Michelle O’Sullivan Photography Short URL 20,519 Views PRESENTER SARAH-JANE Moloney, who signs RTÉ news and weather, has said she had hoped during her pregnancy that her twins would be born hearing, as she did not want the societal barriers that Deaf people face to get in their way.In a new RTÉ documentary, Moloney spoke of the decision she and her husband Conan made when asked at their IVF clinic in Spain whether they wanted to remove the Deaf gene – an issue that has caused controversy in the Deaf community.“We decided we didn’t want that, we wanted to let nature take its course.”Why would I want to remove a part of them that’s from me? I love that I’m Deaf. I know some people might think that’s a strange thing to say but it’s a huge part of who I am and if I removed it, then what would that say about me and my friends and my family?It would only be after the birth of their son and daughter that they would find out whether they could hear. Moloney said she feels she is “a strong Deaf person” because growing up her mother told her she could do anything. She too, “would teach her children to embrace their deafness as part of their identity” if they were born Deaf.In an interview ahead of the birth of her baby boy and girl, however, she said she wanted them to be born hearing.“Some Deaf people would be shocked to hear me say that, they’d be offended as if I’m saying there’s something wrong with being deaf that it’s a disability,” Moloney said.It’s not that their deafness would be a problem, it’s other people’s attitudes that’s the problem. The world won’t change for us so we have to adapt to fit in.She also described her labour, during which she said she felt as though doctors had “completely forgotten I was Deaf”.“The doctors were explaining the risks of having a C-section and if we understood the dangers. I didn’t really understand what was going on at all so I just nodded so we could get the babies out as soon as possible.”Moloney has had a cochlear implant for the last six years but she was told she would have to take it out for the procedure. “I accepted it, didn’t have the energy to fight for it but it upset me so much because I really wanted to hear the babies cry for the first time,” she said.When she found out babies Conor and Louisa could both hear, she said she felt “an incredible sense of relief”.“I just felt like my babies would be okay, they’ll be fine. No matter what they do, if they want to be astronauts or doctors, there’s nothing stopping them. If they’d been Deaf I’d be worried about them because the world is really cruel and they’d have to fight for everything.”Deafening, produced by Mind the Gap Films, tells the story of what it is like to be Deaf in today’s world of cochlear implants and hearing aids – and that the choice to use them is not as clear cut as people think. It will be broadcast on RTÉ One on 2 March at 10.15pm.Read: ‘Elderly deaf people need to be looked after’ – The Deaf community reacts to the death of two men in Bluebell>Read: ‘Talk of the deaf’: 80% of this Bali village can use their own sign language> Sunday 26 Feb 2017, 7:20 AM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Three people arrested after cocaine and cannabis worth €320000 seized in Limerick

first_imgThree people arrested after cocaine and cannabis worth €320,000 seized in Limerick A man (18) and a woman (47) were earlier arrested in connection with the investigation. Short URL Share45 Tweet Email Mar 2nd 2019, 9:08 AM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article 19,579 Views Saturday 2 Mar 2019, 2:56 PM 37 Comments Image: Niall Carson Image: Niall Carson By Cormac Fitzgerald Updated Mar 2nd 2019, 2:56 PM A THIRD PERSON has been arrested after €320,000 worth of drugs were seized in Limerick yesterday. Earlier, gardaí said they had arrested two people in connection with the seizure. Gardaí from the Limerick Divisional Drug Unit, Mayorstone Crime Unit and the Garda Armed Support Unit carried out searches at locations in the Moyross, Coonagh Lower and Castletroy areas of Limerick yesterday. During the searches, cannabis herb and cocaine were seized with an estimated street value of €320,000.A man (18) and a woman (47) were arrested in connection with the investigation yesterday. A third man aged in his 30s was arrested this morning. The 18-year-old has been released from custody and is expected to be charged in Limerick District Court later this month. The two others are still being detained at Henry Street Garda Station, Limerick under the provisions of Section 2 of the Criminal Justice (Drug Trafficking) Act 1996.   last_img read more

Two men charged with bomb offences after being arrested in connection with

first_img By Cónal Thomas Friday 10 May 2019, 9:35 PM Share1 Tweet Email 8,794 Views Derry Courthouse Image: GoogleMaps TWO MEN HAVE been charged with riot and petrol bomb offences after being arrested yesterday in connection with the murder of journalist Lyra McKee. McKee was murdered early on Good Friday morning in the Creggan are of Derry following a night of fierce riots. She was part of a crowd of onlookers that was shot into by people taking part in the violence. The PSNI said today that it has charged two of the four people it arrested yesterday under terrorism legislation. In addition to the riot and petrol bomb offences, the two men have been charged with arson and hijacking. The 38-year-old man has been charged with arson of a hijacked vehicle while the 52-year-old man had been charged with arson and hijacking of a tipper truck.Both men are due to appear at Derry Magistrates Court tomorrow.The two men were amongst four men arrested in the city yesterday morning in connection with the violence in Creggan. Two other males – aged 15 and 18 – who were also arrested have both been released without charge.Comments are closed for legal reasons  Derry Courthousecenter_img No Comments Short URL May 10th 2019, 9:35 PM Image: GoogleMaps Two men charged with bomb offences after being arrested in connection with murder of Lyra McKee Both men are due to appear at Derry Magistrates Court tomorrow. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Police believe three killed by London train may have been graffiti artists

first_img Short URL By Associated Press Updated Jun 18th 2018, 10:28 PM BRITISH TRANSPORT POLICE say three people have died after being struck by a train in south London.The men’s bodies were discovered near a number of spray cans and police are now probing if the men were graffiti artists.Detective Superintendent Gary Richard said that his team is “now working hard to understand what happened and how these three people came to lose their life on the railway”.He said the deaths are being treated as “unexplained”. The bodies were found at about 7.30am this morning near the start of the commuter rush hour.Superintendent Matthew Allingham said the three men were declared dead at the scene.He told the Guardian: “Officers have delivered the sad news to one family that we believe one of the men was their son,” he said. “We are still working to identify and locate the next of kin for the other two men. If you know who they are, please let us know.“Our investigation is focusing on how and why the men came to be on the tracks in the early hours of this morning.”Police are asking anyone who was in the area and observed something that might be related to the deaths to contact them immediately. 26 Comments Monday 18 Jun 2018, 10:28 PM 51,280 Views File shot of a British Transport Police officer. Image: PA Archive/PA Imagescenter_img File shot of a British Transport Police officer. Image: PA Archive/PA Images Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Jun 18th 2018, 11:31 AM Share3 Tweet Email1 Police believe three killed by London train may have been graffiti artists The deaths are being treated as “unexplained”.last_img read more

The 9 at 9 Thursday

first_img Image: Shutterstock/Alpha_7D By Órla Ryan Thursday 21 Jun 2018, 8:40 AM 10,178 Views Share1 Tweet Email Jun 21st 2018, 7:48 AM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article EVERY MORNING, brings you all the news you need to know as you start the day.1. #BREXIT: President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker is to hold a meeting about Brexit with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar at Government Buildings in Dublin today.2. #JAILED: Former Anglo Irish Bank chief David Drumm is beginning a six-year jail term for his part in a multi-billion euro bank fraud scheme.3. #GARDAÍ: Officers based in Garda Headquarters in the Phoenix Park are in a dispute with management over a plan to reassign them to stations across the country.4. #IMMIGRATION: The US House of Representatives is to vote on two immigration reform bills today, but it’s not clear if either has the support to pass.5. #STEPASIDE: Stepaside Garda Station is still closed, a year after Transport Minister Shane Ross announced it would re-open, and locals aren’t happy.6. #BORDER: The European Union is working on estimations for what different types of borders for the island of Ireland could cost post-Brexit, but is not giving us figures.7. #UK: The families of 456 hospital patients in the UK who had their lives shortened by the unjustified prescription of powerful painkillers have called for those responsible to face criminal charges, Sky News reports.8. #RUGBY: Joe Schmidt has made five personnel changes to his starting XV as Ireland look to secure their first series success on Australian soil since 1979 with a win in Saturday’s final Test against the Wallabies in Sydney.9. #NEW ZEALAND: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has given birth to a baby girl in an Auckland hospital, becoming only the second world leader to do so while in office. Image: Shutterstock/Alpha_7D The 9 at 9: Thursday Here’s all the news you need to know this morning. 1 Comment Short URLlast_img read more

Minister announces SEAI grants to deliver energy upgrades to nearly 700 homes

first_imgMinister announces SEAI grants to deliver energy upgrades to nearly 700 homes The grants, which have been approved for a number of community projects, will also cover upgrades for commerical and community buildings. Short URL Sep 2nd 2019, 6:21 AM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Image: Sam Boal/ 16,513 Views Monday 2 Sep 2019, 6:20 AM Image: Sam Boal/RollingNews.iecenter_img 9 Comments Share9 Tweet Email1 MINISTER RICHARD BRUTON has announced a number of grants have been approved under the SEAI Communities scheme to deliver energy upgrades to almost 700 homes and 570 community and commercial buildings.The Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment said the government is providing €25 million to fund proposals developed by 57 communities.He said the funding will support these communities in delivering upgrades in homes and other buildings in their local area. Bruton said the work will eliminate 34,676 tonnes of CO2 annually. Just two weeks ago the Minister confirmed a reversal of the decision to end the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) home grant scheme. This scheme involves individual applications by homeowners – today’s announcement relates to the community projects scheme. The authority had announced it would only give grants to home projects that had already been approved as funding had run out. Announcing the u-turn two weeks ago, Minister Bruton also said he regretted the distress this had caused to homeowners.Projects approved for funding through the community scheme include:  Insulation, lighting, heading and refrigeration upgrades to Waterford libraries, schools, communities centres, GAA clubs, shops and farms;In Dublin, Wexford and Kildare, homes, businesses, a church, NCBI charity shops and the Mater Hospital will be upgraded with a combination of lighting upgrades, new heating systems, including Combined Heat and Power and solar PV for generating electricity;Wicklow County Council is leading a project in Wicklow and Wexford that will see a selection of homes, leisure centres, recycling centres, public buildings, a bakery and a hotel carry out upgrades on insulation, heating, lighting, refrigeration, heat recovery and steam generation.Jim Gannon, CEO of SEAI said the authority is working with hundreds of communities across the country to provide them with knowledge and the means to plan their own carbon pathway and deliver on their ambitions. “These government funded grants are a key support for communities ready to invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions tailored to their needs,” he said.“The collective achievements of these communities can be replicated, drawing more and more citizens into Ireland’s clean energy transition.” By Michelle Hennessylast_img read more

Sinead OConnor selling her preIslam clothes to raise money for womens refuge

first_img Source: RTÉ One/Twitter Sinead appeared on the first episode of the new season of The Late Late Show. Image: Andres Poveda Sinead O’Connor selling her ‘pre-Islam’ clothes to raise money for women’s refuge O’Connor made headlines in recent days after performing her Nothing Compares 2 U hit on the Late Late Show. Short URL IRISH SINGER SINEAD O’Connor has announced she is selling all of her clothes from before she converted to Islam to raise money for a women’s refuge. O’Connor made headlines in recent days after returning to music and performing her Nothing Compares 2 U hit on the Late Late Show on Friday night. A video of her performance was shared more than 4,000 times on Twitter with many tweeting their support for her in response. Today, the 52-year-old Dublin woman announced on Twitter that she would be selling her clothes to raise money for Bray Women’s Refuge from your years before converting to Muslim. She tweeted: “This is to announce there will soon be a sale of all my pre-Islam clothing in aid of Bray Women’s Refuge who do such incredible work. Watch this space for more information.  “People will also be able to bid in an auction of dresses and other clothing worn in the promotion of the album I’m Not Bossy I’m The Boss.”During her performance on the Late Late show, O’Connor who now goes by the name Shuhada Sadaqat wore a hijab and spoke about her move from Christianity to Islam. “The word ‘revert’ refers to the idea that if you were to study the Koran you would realise that you were a Muslim all your life and you didn’t realise it. That’s what happened to me,” she said. “I am 52. I grew up in a very different Ireland to the one that exists now and it was a very oppressed country religiously speaking, and everybody was miserable; nobody was getting any joy in God.” 136 Comments 69,767 Views Iconic.Sinead O’Connor performs ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’#LateLate— RTÉ One (@RTEOne) September 6, 2019 Sep 8th 2019, 3:12 PM She later hit out at allegations on social media that she had changed religion on more than one occasion. “Lots saying I’ve changed religions more than once. Not so. I was born into Christianity and I changed to Islam. So that’s one change. For those who have difficulty counting.”center_img Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article This is to announce there will soon be a sale of all my pre-Islam clothing in aid of Bray Women’s Refuge, who do such incredible work. Watch this space for more information.— Sinead O’Connor (AKA Shuhada Sadaqat) (@MagdaDavitt77) September 8, 2019 Sinead appeared on the first episode of the new season of The Late Late Show. Image: Andres Poveda By Conor McCrave Share61 Tweet Email1 Source: Sinead O’Connor (AKA Shuhada Sadaqat)/Twitter Sunday 8 Sep 2019, 3:11 PMlast_img read more