Athletes who know how to measure up: Iniesta’s committed message to society

first_img“All the doctors, assistants, nurses, nurses … all the people who are investigating to find something that can stop this, we continue to encourage you to get strength from where there is not because it is an incredible job that you are doing,” he continued.An Iniesta who also wanted to remember the people who have died in Spain due to the coronavirus and who, according to the latest figures provided by the government, now number 1,422: “Also grateful to all security people, public service workers, who You expose yourselves and try to help make everything easier. And of course for all the relatives of the deceased, which are terrible moments, my thoughts and my love for all of them. “Lastly, the Spanish footballer stressed the importance of “continuing to pay attention to everything the professionals tell us, who are the ones who know”, like staying at home, since “it is the way of not continuing to infect ourselves”. The Spanish Andrés Iniesta, who is in Kobe (Japan), where he takes the last steps in his sports career, sent a message of support to all those who are fighting for the coronavirus pandemic to pass as soon as possible and stressed that “among all we must stop this.“Between all of us we must make this stop, that this stops and that normality returns as soon as possible. Each one of us from our position must help in everything possible, in the present and in what will come in the future. We must help each other and be in solidarity The only way is to help us, there is no other formula, and at the moment we are more united than ever, “he said in a video that he posted on his social networks.“From many kilometers away we are still very aware of everything that happens in our country. This is a message of strength, encouragement, and thanks to all the professionals who, at every hour, every minute, at every moment, are fighting for save so many lives. For all the effort you are making, a tireless and incalculable work. We thank you and we will always thank you, “began the former Barcelona soccer player.last_img

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