DC Universe Online goes freetoplay increases revenue 700 percent

first_imgEver since Blizzard launched World of Warcraft other developers and publishers have struggled to establish and keep a gamer base for competing MMOs. Blizzard were obviously very happy about this as it generated a lot of revenue, but it did force others to rethink how to make money from online games, with the result being Blizzard may never actually get away with charging to play an new MMO again.Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) recently decided to convert DC Universe Online from a $15 per month subscription game to free-to-play status in a bid to increase revenue. To say the switch has worked is a bit of an understatement.John Smedley, president of SOE, started tweeting yesterday about how well the game is doing now. The big number: daily revenue for the game has increased by 700%, with an almost equal split between PC and PS3 players (47% PC, 53% PS3). The player base has also shot up by over one million gamers since the switch, and continues to grow at a rate of 6% per day. Even better is the fact that 85% of players are returning to the game after trying it out.With such a huge increase in players and revenue for a well known IP, the question then becomes, does pay-to-play work anymore? With the game also generating revenue on PS3, this should make Sony more inclined to support free-to-play on its console, and for MMO developers to consider console ports more readily in future.Blizzard has stated that a free-to-play model for World of Warcraft may be considered in the future since the game’s player base is starting to erode, but they must also be considering any launch of a World of Warcraft 2 may require a free account option from day one. It makes financial sense according to the SOE figures, and I think players are starting to expect to play for free and pay for stuff they want in-game instead.via Kotakulast_img

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