Holiday season fraud prevention checklist for credit unions

first_img 5SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr It’s not if fraud exposure will happen this holiday season, it’s when! That’s why your credit union should help your staff and members prepare for what fraudsters have in store this holiday season.Our gift to you this holiday is a checklist that you should provide to your credit union staff to ensure that your credit union and credit union’s members have a safe and fraud free holiday season.Holiday Season Fraud Prevention Checklist:☑ Educate cardholders about the heightened risk of attacks and scams during the holiday season, such as: Phishing attacks (where the member is asked to pay the scammer money) and recruitment scams (where the member is asked to pay a bit of money up front to earn more money later on.)☑ Recommend to staff and members that they more closely and more frequently monitor ACH items, outgoing wires, and online transaction activity on all of their cards and accounts to look out for any unauthorized activity. Inform them to pay special attention to ACH items and outgoing wires. continue reading »last_img read more

When the work gets hard…

first_img 17SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Sarah Marshall Sarah Marshall is a consultant in the credit union industry, and can be reached for partnership and speaking opportunities through Your Credit Union Partner. Her background in community development includes … Web: Details A long- time member yelled at you today, and it felt like the last straw. A product launch didn’t go as planned. A business relationship fell apart. The team didn’t meet its goal for the third consecutive month. American culture rewards success. We like upward trajectories, and failures and struggles are only as good as the success testimony on the other side. If you have simply lived at all, you know that life is not always an upward growth path. So why do we pretend that our work is? It could be for many reasons. Opportunities often come to successful people and organizations because we trust people with a proven track record. We wear our professional selves to work out of protocol and that often means ‘framing’ challenges from the perspective of lessons learned.  We simply live in a society that doesn’t appreciate always appreciate the process to get to the outcome. It matters that we acknowledge that sometimes work is difficult. There are days where work doesn’t feel inspirational, or is merely routine.  Sometimes we feel that the positive impact we are trying to have isn’t felt. This is especially true in an industry like the credit union industry; where many of us work because we believe we are working to serve.  Work can be hard when communication is lacking. Communication takes work and is one of those things we can ‘forget’ to do. Often, when things aren’t getting done well it is because people are not coordinating and communicating. Good communication takes intention, focus and time. It is important to reflect on whether we are giving time to the soft work that enables tangible results.  It can also be hard when there is not enough focus and too many priorities.  Individually, everyone has a set capacity for what they can take on and manage well.  Although we would like to exceed our own limits and maximize our potential, personal and professional growth is not infinite. In some cases, additional resources or training may help. Other times, as hard as it can be, we need to recognize when it is time to do more by doing less. We should recognize when the full weight of all our inspired ideas become overwhelming. Significant work takes significant time, and if a person is pulled in too many directions they don’t perform to full capacity. Some projects require a veto before they begin. Not because they aren’t worthy, but because the project won’t get the attention it deserves. People are people outside of their jobs. Sometimes we forget that people are never divorced from their personal challenges that happen outside of work. We come to work to work, and we should. The mantra to leave our personal lives at the door is still true because we are being compensated for the value and focus we bring to the work in front of us. Still, despite best efforts to do so, the things that happen outside of work don’t go away when we walk through the front door of the credit union. If pressure in one’s personal life is ongoing, it can make work hard too. As coworkers, we need to understand that at times, people will behave in ways that have nothing to do with what is happening in the office. As individuals, if we are the person under tremendous pressure, we have a responsibility to care for ourselves so our personal issues can be resolved outside of the office. Give yourself and others grace for what is going on outside of work.Occasionally it is time to move on. Work can get hard because it is routine – because you are so comfortable in your role that you are not inspired anymore. It is possible to become stagnant in your work. At times, it is possible to take on new challenges at work but that is not always the case. Work is also a place where we spend a significant portion of our lives, so if it is too difficult for too long it may mean it is time to look for other options.  Work, just like life, has seasons. There are seasons of breakthrough and seasons of plateau. There will be seasons of both struggle and victory. Sometimes we need not to rush too quickly to the lessons learned but recognize that endurance through the process makes us resilient. Strength always requires a level of resistance.  The real lesson doesn’t fully shine until we push through and have the benefit of perspective after the process.  last_img read more

TZ Mali Lošinj presented activities and incentives for renters of private accommodation

The flat tax per bed this year will amount to HRK 300 (A class), while the sojourn tax for persons providing household accommodation services will amount to HRK 345 (A class). Payment slips can be downloaded from the system, and at the end of the calendar year it is necessary to print the Guest List. In order to achieve excellent results this year as well, the Tourist Board reminds its renters of numerous activities and news. The Apoxyomenos Museum has prepared special packages for renters of 10 tickets for 100 kuna and 20 pieces for 200 kuna, which can be a great gift for guests of the accommodation. Also, the Lošinj Museum offers renters free admission every Saturday during March with expert guidance from 10 am to 12 noon. This year, the Tourist Board will co-finance investments in marketing activities such as photography, interior and exterior videos, apartment design, family accommodation management software, media advertising, promotional materials, etc. Also, the Tourist Board has prepared a promotional photo archive of the destination. taken over at the Tourist Office. In cooperation with foreign language schools, foreign language courses will be organized and co-financed for renters and members of their families. Mali Lošinj continues to implement the project “IQM – Integrated Quality Management” in the destination and Cvitković emphasizes that renters are encouraged to implement IQM standards. “We are preparing a brochure IQM Lošinj (integrated quality management in the destination) in which the project participants will present 76 of them, including 36 renters, and the goal is to network all stakeholders in tourism that implement IQM standards in their sector and can guarantee additional quality guests. As this is a pilot project, we expect in the coming years to include a larger number of renters who will be an example to others how only by investing in raising quality can achieve better physical results of tourist traffic.” The importance of private accommodation in Mali Lošinj is indicated by the excellent numbers. “Out of a total of 2.372.329 overnight stays on Lošinj in 2018, as much as 18,5% were realized in private accommodation. Given the significant share of private accommodation in total overnight stays in the destination, joint activities contribute to increasing the competitiveness and quality of the tourist offer of the island of Losinj”, Said Cvitkovic. Apoxyomenos Museum The question is whether these activities will stimulate and influence the additional expansion of private accommodation in Mali Lošinj. “The activities we have for renters are primarily intended to raise the quality of private accommodation and higher capacity utilization, which in private accommodation is 19% while for example in hotel accommodation at 41%, campsites 24%. I am of the opinion that the activities we carry out will not increase the number of renters, accordingly we have been carrying out activities for years and we do not have major increases in the number of accommodation capacities in private accommodation. Compared to 2017, we have an increase in beds in private accommodation from 6.183 to 6.417 (4%), which is a trend that is present throughout Croatia and which has no direct connection with the benefits we have with landlords, mostly about the categorization of accommodation for holidays”, Is the opinion of Cvitković. The professional education of the cultural-historical and natural heritage of the Cres-Lošinj archipelago called “Small Heritage School” is intended for everyone who wants to renew their knowledge or learn something new about the area where they live and work, especially those who are in direct contact with tourists. The Tourist Board will co-finance 50 percent of the training for all interested renters. “Every year we do several trainings for landlords in agreement with their representatives in the Assembly and the Council of the Tourist Board, this year as part of the Forum of Lošinj landlords “Innovative private” we do trainings “Go digital” – social networks, interior design, gardening and gardening, working online travel agencies”, Said Dalibor Cvitković, director of the Tourist Board of the City of Mali Lošinj. The Tourist Board of the City of Mali Lošinj has published data according to which in the past 2018, 3 percent more arrivals and 2 percent more overnight stays were realized on Lošinj, which ranked this destination of health and vitality among the leading Croatian destinations with the most overnight stays. Also, a two-day forum called “Innovative Private” will be organized from April 2 to 4 at the Hotel Aurora, in order to present tourist novelties to renters. The forum will also distribute bags for selective waste separation, to the package of which each renter is entitled per accommodation unit. A Flower Fair will be organized on April 6 in Malološinj Square, where citizens will be awarded flower seedlings. Every landlord has the right to a “Landlord Card” which offers a number of benefits when shopping in stores in the area of ​​Mali Lošinj, but also the use of various services. RELATED NEWS: read more

Nordea Life & Pension sees 20% lift in first-half returns

first_imgProfits from Nordea’s life and pensions operations increased by 20% in the first half of this year to €84m on the back of higher profits generated by both unit-link and traditional with-profits products, the Nordic and Baltic banking group said.In its interim report, Nordea also posted a 16% increase in gross written premiums to €3.9bn in the six months to the end of June, from €3.4bn in the same period the previous year.Commenting on the business growth, Nordea said: “A solid sales momentum of market return products in the Nordea Bank channel continues to be the main driver behind the strong sales.”The Nordea branches had been responsible for two-thirds of the total sales produced during the second quarter of 2014, it said. The rise in operating profit was attributable to a profit increase from market return products – driven by strong growth in assets under management (AUM) – combined with a higher profit contribution coming from traditional with-profits products, according to the report.These traditional products had, in turn, seen their profits increase as a result of strengthened financial buffers, Nordea said.The balance between unit-link assets and traditional with-profits assets shifted past the halfway mark, with unit-link accounting for 51% of AUM in the life and pensions division at the end of June, up from 45% at the same point last year, according to the report.In terms of contributions, the company said, market return and risk products accounted for 90% of total gross written premiums in the second quarter, up 3 percentage points from the end of the previous quarter, and up from 86% in the second quarter 2013.Meanwhile, at Nordea Liv & Pension, the Danish pensions operation, the return on traditional with-profits products before PAL pensions tax was 7% in the first half, up from the 0.4% loss suffered in the same period the year before.Unit-link returns came in at between 4.4% and 8.5%, the Danish business said, without giving year-earlier figures.In absolute terms, the return on unit-link products was DKK2.3bn (€308m) in the first half.Overall, the business’s profit on assets and liabilities was 3.7% in the six-month period, up from 1.7% in the same period last year.Pre-tax profit was DKK387m, up from DKK297m.last_img read more

Shell wraps up sale of its downstream business in Argentina

first_imgShell CAPSA, a unit of the Hague-based LNG giant Shell, has completed the sale of its downstream business in Argentina to Raízen for $916 million in cash.The sale includes the Buenos Aires Refinery, around 665 retail stations, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), marine fuels, aviation fuels, bitumen, chemicals and lubricants businesses, as well as supply and distribution activities in the country.In addition, the companies acquired by Raízen will continue the relationships with Shell through various commercial agreements, Shell said in a  statement on Monday.Completion of the sale follows an agreement announced in April 2018.Raízen, a joint venture set up in 2011 between Shell and Cosan, is a leading biofuels producer and fuels distributor in Brazil, where it already manages around 6,400 Shell service stations.This sale offers the opportunity to consolidate a regional partnership between Shell and Cosan, and allows Shell to continue to benefit from Argentina’s growing downstream market, the company said.Shell added that the sale is consistent with the company’s strategy to simplify its portfolio through a $30 billion divestment programme.It does not include Shell’s upstream interests in the Vaca Muerta shale formation.last_img read more

No decision to invest in Four Seasons Hotel says PM Skerrit

first_img Tweet LocalNews No decision to invest in Four Seasons Hotel says PM Skerrit by: – January 17, 2012 Share Share Sharecenter_img 16 Views   no discussions Sharing is caring! Prime Minister Skerrit: “We have not invested any money and no decision has been taken to invest money into this project at all.”Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has indicated that neither the Dominica Social Security nor the Ministry of Finance has taken a decision to invest in the Four Season Hotel Project in Barbados. Last week Friday the Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs of Barbados, Christopher Sinckler announced that “the National Insurance Schemes of Dominica and St. Vincent and the Grenadines, would be minority investors in the project” while addressing the Barbados Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors conference.In an exclusive interview with Dominica Vibes News on Tuesday, Prime Minister Skerrit clarified that the Dominica Social Security received a request from the developers but no decision or investment has been made.“Just to say very, very clearly that no decision has been taken to invest any money into the Four Seasons Project at this time. Nobody in the administration of the DSS has taken a decision to invest any money into the Four Seasons Project in Barbados. The Minister responsible for Social Security who is the final authority on any investment of the Social Security’s money has not taken a decision.As a matter of fact, this request has not passed the technical office at the DSS; it is still with the Technical Office at the DSS.The Prime Minister further clarified that the Investment Committee at the Dominica Social Security has not made a decision to advise him.“The Investment Committee or the Board has not taken a decision on the request made by the developers on the Four Seasons and therefore no advice can be sent to me until that process is finalized. This is where we are with regards to this project; it has not come to me, we have not invested any money and no decision has been taken to invest money into this project at all.”He also explained that Minister Sinckler may have relied on information from the developers of the project in naming Dominica as one of the investors of the project.“For anyone to say that the DSS has taken a decision to invest in the Four Seasons Hotel is not speaking from a factual standpoint In all fairness to the Minister, I suspect that he would have gotten that advice from the developers of the project because it is not a Government of Barbados project as far as I understand it. The Government of Barbados recognizing the importance of the project to the economy of Barbados, has taken a decision to invest money into the project and to become about a 40 or 49% shareholder in the project and the developers have been seeking to get other interested investors to participate in that project,” Prime Minister Skerrit said.According to Prime Minister Skerrit, “As far as I understand it no National Insurance Schemes or the DSS has in fact taken a decision to invest in this project so the two named countries that is St. Vincent and Dominica as far as I understand it coming out from St. Vincent, no decision has been taken from St. Vincent’s standpoint”.Dominica Vibes Newslast_img read more

Allen leads every lap for first IMCA win at Crystal’s Optima Modified Challenge

first_imgFirst-time IMCA Modified feature winner Chance Allen earned $1,052 and a spot on the Fast Shafts All-Star Invitational ballot along with the Saturday checkers at Crystal Motor Speedway. (Photo by Christine Hale)CRYSTAL, Mich. (June 10) – Chance Allen made the most of his opportunities in scoring his career-first IMCA Modified feature win Saturday at Crystal Motor Speedway.Allen drew the pole and led all 20 laps, holding off Gary VanderMark and earning $1,052, along with a berth on the Fast Shafts All-Star Invitational ballot, for the Optima Batteries Modified Challenge victory.“It was a good night of racing. I definitely had to be at the top of my game,” said Allen. “The bottom was definitely the place to be. I had to hug the tires and Gary was right behind me.”Cautions came out on lap two and again after midway. VanderMark was faster in the turns but Allen hung on to win by a car length.Nick Stormzand, Jerry Hunt and 10th starting Myron DeYoung were next across the stripe.Feature results – 1. Chance Allen; 2. Gary VanderMark; 3. Nick Stormzand; 4. Jerry Hunt; 5. Myron DeYoung; 6. John DeYoung Jr.; 7. Chad Wernette; 8. Brenten DeYoung; 9. A.J. Ward; 10. Austin Wonch; 11. Casey Tasker; 12. Brady Hollenbeck; 13. Vern Buskirk; 14. Fred Enos; 15. Brian Roark; 16. Ken Zeigler; 17. Joey Fowler; 18. Scott Glidden; 19. Rusty Zeigler; 20. Chad May.last_img read more

La Liga: Leaders FC Barcelona stumble to draw at Real Sociedad

first_imgRelatedPosts Bale completes Tottenham return from Real Madrid Tottenham sign £25m Sergio Reguilon Live stream Premier League, La Liga, Serie A on Showmax Pro this weekend Barcelona were held to a 2-2 draw at Real Sociedad in an entertaining game on Saturday. This could see the leaders knocked off the top of La Liga by Real Madrid by the end of the weekend ahead of Wednesday’s “Clasico”. Mikel Oyarzabal gave the home side the lead in the 12th minute from the penalty spot after Sergio Busquets was penalised somewhat harshly for tugging the shirt of Diego Llorente while they battled for an aerial ball. Antoine Griezmann levelled for Barca in the 38th minute, scoring against the club where he began his career by nonchalantly scooping the ball over Alex Remiro after being played in by Luis Suarez. Suarez put the Catalans ahead in the 49th minute, passing a lay-off from Lionel Messi into an empty net. Sociedad levelled shortly after the hour mark, as Swedish youngster Alexander Isak pounced on a loose ball and smashed it home from close range. Barca still lead the standings with 35 points from 16 games but Real Madrid, on 34, can take their place at the top if they win at Valencia on Sunday. Real Sociedad are fourth on 28. Reuters/NAN.Tags: Barcelona FCLa LigaReal MadridReal Sociedadlast_img read more

McIlroy heads to Augusta on a high

first_img Press Association “It was a good way to end the week, obviously,” McIlroy said on the PGA Tour website. “I wanted to shoot something in the 60s at least today to give me some positive vibes going into Augusta. I played really well, played really solid from tee-to-green again. “I holed the putts that I felt I should hole and just kept the ball in play all day. Every time I hit it pretty close, within 10 feet, I holed the putt. It was great to see a few putts like that drop. It’s a nice bit of confidence going into next week.” Saturday’s 74 had left McIlroy down in 37th place, and although he did enough to climb back into a tie for seventh, his attention had already switched to the Masters. “I’m happy with how this week went, even though I didn’t quite do what I wanted to do in terms of getting in contention,” he said. “But I sort of made up for it today. I couldn’t be in a better mood getting on the plane and heading over (to Augusta) tonight.” Phil Mickelson also came through unscathed, declaring himself fit after a recent pulled muscle. However, the three-time Masters winner, who finished in a tie for 12th, admitted his confidence is not where it might be given recent results. “I’m a little nervous heading into next week,” he said. “I haven’t had the results, I haven’t been in contention, I haven’t won this year, so I’m certainly nervous about my chances, but it’s my favourite week of the year.” Jones stole the show at the end of the day with a stunning shot to nick victory from Kuchar, who had two bogeys in the final three holes of his round to drop into a play-off after Jones put the pressure on with a round of 66. Rory McIlroy will go into the Masters with renewed confidence after an outstanding final round at the Shell Houston Open.center_img The Northern Irishman had dropped out of contention with a 74 on Saturday, but with the pressure off he played some of his best golf on Sunday with a bogey-free 65 before setting off for Augusta later in the day. Matt Jones won the tournament and a ticket to Augusta with a stunning 42-yard chip-in during a play-off against overnight leader Matt Kuchar, but only after McIlroy lit up the course with a round which matched the best of the weekend. last_img read more

Welbeck on target in victory

first_img Welbeck fired over in response but Arsenal were given little time to settle by a vibrant Villa side. Alan Hutton nodded over on 17 minutes as Villa continued to carve out the best chances – and they should have taken the lead five minutes later. Chambers was booked for bringing down Gabby Agbonlahor and Clark met Tom Cleverley’s delivery at the far post, only to be denied by a point-blank save from Szczesny. But the Gunners stunned Villa with three quickfire goals to win the game. The hosts had been edging the contest but collapsed suddenly, starting when Welbeck teed up Ozil to run through and coolly roll past Brad Guzan for his first goal of the season on 32 minutes. Then the World Cup winner repaid the favour when he crossed from the left and Welbeck smashed in from four yards. Villa were shell-shocked and they were bypassed again on 36 minutes when Kieran Gibbs’ cross was turned in by the sliding Cissokho. Aaron Ramsey then shot wide with Villa dazed. While the half-time scoreline was harsh on the hosts, the Gunners had taken control and Guzan claimed Welbeck’s effort soon after the break. Clark had a chance to haul Villa back into the game on 57 minutes but was thwarted by Oxlade-Chamberlain – after Ramsey needlessly conceded a corner. Villa’s threat had waned though and Arsenal were in cruise control as they eased to victory. The hosts would have gone top of the Barclays Premier League with a win b ut despite a bright start they were carved apart as they slipped to their first defeat of the season, in front of watching chairman Randy Lerner – his first home game for almost two years. Ashley Westwood pulled out of the Villa squad during the warm-up with a virus and was replaced by Carlos Sanchez, with Joe Cole added to the bench. Ciaran Clark also replaced Nathan Baker from the 1-0 win at Liverpool to partner Philippe Senderos. Ron Vlaar failed to shrug off a calf injury which kept him out of the Anfield victory, with Jores Okore included on the bench. Arsenal made three changes from their 2-0 Champions League defeat to Borussia Dortmund as Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Santi Cazorla and Calum Chambers came in. Out went Jack Wilshere, Hector Bellerin and Alexis Sanchez – despite the Chilean initially being named on the team sheet. And Villa took advantage of Arsenal’s overall indecisiveness as they made a strong start. Fabian Delph forced Wojciech Szczesny into a low save after just two minutes following the goalkeeper’s poor clearance. A brilliant first-half spell from the visitors saw Mesut Ozil open the scoring before Welbeck struck and Aly Cissokho’s own goal made it 3-0. The goals came in three minutes and 15 seconds to end Villa’s promising early threat. Danny Welbeck opened his Arsenal account as the Gunners blew Aston Villa away with an astonishing triple blast. Press Associationlast_img read more