Customer management Shanghai Phoenix Station Optimization modify self rating scale

with the above score range and judge description, you can put this table to potential customers for them to fill. Here is the teacher burst with 19 questions, of course you can do for their own modifications, but there must be asked, describing the importance and 3 selection. The more you subject to do the corresponding adjustment score range. The money must be sent to the customer, let the customer know this checklist is what all not fill to fill, but to clear customer site status >

Hello, teacher burst and share the topic today is the project in the document "Shanghai Phoenix Station Optimization checklist". To solve the high performance and the customer wants the gap between the professional requirements document, to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding about the guest in the process.

The first

1) 32-38: Shanghai dragon means the feasibility of high – potential projects in the space station change is very large, so in the assessment of performance should give more open bold standards.

form is a self rating scale scoring system. Every question has 3 choices, the more powerful is the optimization of higher scores. Therefore, all questions after the assessment will have a total. The teacher put the total burst into 4 fractions:

especially did new project pre-sales work friends will experience a week, there may be as many as 10 new projects or needs assessment after another, most of the customers are Small and micro businesses or very limited resources website, so for the Shanghai dragon project cooperation is very difficult to judge, not by a low estimate the customer is the overestimation of gossip, but ultimately customers the ability to reach the effect. The company met different person in charge of the project evaluation criteria and a busy almost all the face of the customer decided to take the thigh, many are not a statement or is unable to persuade customers. Then how can we change the current situation, how to make the sales department colleagues can better guide professional customers is very important. The teacher introduced the first explosion today project document, try to make the customer’s own evaluations to determine the customer’s own needs.

3) 20-26: optimization of execution is weak – basically the project is relatively small, the overall project may need a lot of luck and communication costs in the process, belong to the kind heart more tired than the project.

4) less than 20 points: difficult to effect – seems to have foreshadowed the project failure rate of 100%, because they can not change based on the Shanghai dragon is bound to commit suicide. At this time, we can not because of the need to project to flicker customers, as a professional pre-sales should inform the customer that the current Shanghai Longfeng facts may not be the most suitable choice. Also to avoid the risk of a late project personnel to be dragged down.

27-31: 2) the optimization effect is affected – the vast majority of cases have to modify the space, but there are uncertain factors, therefore to customers in the performance on 20-30% discount.

Case analysis the reason of the website ranking drop

, many webmaster friends will meet not easy to do up the rankings decline or disappear, one will feel disconcerted, also do not know exactly which part of the problem, or the helpless, unable to find a solution, every day in the forum asked the question which the results obtained the answer is not to irrigation, or have been saying that content is king, the chain for the emperor, basically consistent, both look tired, without too much practical help, finally have to rely on their own. Because the author is so over, also experienced large and small Shanghai Longfeng difficulties, but today I was very calm in the face of this situation, because the station did not experience the webmaster, not a qualified webmaster, is also unable to grow long.

PS:VPS in the default administrator account can be modified, but the need for strict order, we can love Shanghai, lest my footsteps.


station since 2010, after about two years, from the beginning of May 2012, ranking is very ideal, most targeted keywords in the search engine’s front page three, more long tail keywords in Shanghai basically are ranked first, every day brings the flow is also very impressive. The time in late October, there was a big reversal, Shanghai search engine website is love to drop right. The target keywords basically in Shanghai before 50 page basically can not see, the long tail disappeared. After the investigation right down, about the following points.

there are several Links was also love Shanghai for a long time not updated snapshot query in the webmaster tools, but the love of Shanghai is still relatively high weight, want to own site is the old site, first temporarily.

VPS is used, in order to improve the security of VPS in group policy to modify the remote connection default administrator account, because of a mistake, modify the failure, the remote desktop cannot connect IDC consulting service providers, have to reinstall the system, then add IIS to debug the website, also used most of the time lead site has been opened up, many friends to Links down. The other is on the site after the normal operation, but also a problem, the website PNG picture can not be displayed, had to turn to the IDC technical staff, because they were seen in the server traffic is too high, the problem did not help me to solve, not to notice me server to the suspension, causing the site from the day 9 p.m. the next day to more than 10 points can not be opened, and then just met big love Shanghai weekly update.


server 1,



To analyze the reason of the decline in ranking

their own business from a QQ station, take the site situation, such as:

2, Links

Follow love Shanghai style layout website title

first give you hair is love Shanghai encyclopedia Title

love Shanghai music is a place in the face of the industry website, this website title set is consistent with our vast number of small and medium-sized webmaster for the title of demand. We can see the biggest love Shanghai Locke houses on the site of the general word on the site behind and in front of the keyword is the content of the website in addition to the first subdivision, Tianjin houses home name headings in this area of Tianjin, in the middle of "buy" to "real price" and "real estate" with Tianjin. This is because Shanghai is the choice of love "or" not "and" Robin Li said, this is the difference between love and Shanghai Google algorithm is the most obvious. The above content by kaifengfu 贵族宝贝 webmaster personal opinion, does not represent the industry standards, we hope to be useful, in order to respect the original please reprint note kaifengfu.

for small website


we look at the love Shanghai video title


from the above two love Shanghai product title arrangement we can get a law, is the site name in front, after the introduction in the middle, the symbol interval is used "-", rather than "|"",""-". For large sites we need only like Shanghai as site name before, in after the middle "-" interval on the line.

love Shanghai!

two, how to write the title

for large sites

, how to write the title

Site Title How to layout, webmasters are no further research. From the existing site to see most of the website name and site keywords accumulation in the title bar, but these words in the end what kind of symbols are separated, it is the public that the public reasonable, rational Po Po said. Now let’s look at the love of Shanghai on the large portal site is small and how to layout the title of

for the pursuit of the key ranking of small sites we should how to layout the title? Love Shanghai products can also give us the standard practice, we see Locke

, thank you!



During the Shanghai massacre love home is K how to deal with

under the "cat’s paw" hardware electrical network appear:


6, Shanghai suffered a severe decline in weight of love.

1, the first hardware electrical network just home is down the right (now there will be a K page, rather than the total situation), so now only need to check the home page, and make the corresponding operation;


2, according to the basic parameters of information web log to check the website of the recent (especially home): included, snapshots, home chain, home Links, friends of the chain website included snapshot, server stability >

as soon as possible

The following is a summary of

4, released the same day as usual content included, the weight of the inside pages still, the chain has no fluctuation, fluctuation of peer site is not

5, Links no right down the phenomenon of K


Guangzhou Shanghai Dragon Seal flatly said why don’t have to worry about

say in this situation how we can make it back to normal operation, the title:

today a friend "cat claw" said his website title malicious tampering, then also leads to a series of problems: the website snapshot stopped, is not the first home page, ranking dropped out of sight, love Shanghai without weight value……



back to the topic, why your website title wrong don’t worry? We can see an article I wrote before Title is not included within the site error reasons ", a preliminary understanding of the principle of title, the love of Shanghai do not change for the strange, strange before I have met that is one of my personal blog, title directly into the curse words, if we put this strange as artificial words, could not find a reason, a non-profit personal blog no commercial value there is no need to manually.


1, title site in Shanghai love search results, site results showed abnormal display content on the page, can not find the corresponding text;

because the station is not my home so don’t worry? Be right down is not my home? I am sorry as a friend said, so we can understand the Guangzhou Shanghai Dragon Seal, I can understand the speculation, because I do not understand.

home page is right down, July 9th morning home page seventh in the evening of July 9th, now home to find, suspected of being K, but enter the URL and separate, indicating the site came right home page is very serious, if you don’t do the operation to keep the weight gradually restored, the next page will be K off, this caused as a result of the most serious is the number of keywords ranking will be lost;

2, the website included normal, every day is included in normal growth;

Five things you should do every day in Shanghai Dragon

go to work every day, Shanghai dragon do, perhaps, will be very boring; perhaps we have confused, puzzled what we are now able to work we harvest, we are doing what is the value of the form, how to highlight what we now need to understand the knowledge, calm and face it. The Shanghai dragon, should do things every day, stick to it, you will have the harvest.

two: the A5 forum and A5 home to find a good article, read out, such as the recent optimization contest, "business", love Shanghai has inched up, participate in the activities of the friends can go to learn experience together to see everyone, there is a new station effect love Shanghai, love is the sea change Title Effect. And the weight of the website, the website and related issues, etc., are all worth pondering, but also in the A5 forum, a large number of posts, although there are a lot of AD, but there are also many webmaster world news happen every day, these are what we should know, for example, I see today. "Ding Tao" by Mi Xiaobin six asked Han Han, you know you love Shanghai "" in this article, and Tang Lei moderator daily review, and so on, this is about to see.

. Three: update daily blog, some blog is the need to update every day, the original should be the best, I believe a lot of friends have a lot of blog group built, the blog into the ring, and then the weight transfer to their master, they are every day we should go to do. The blog effect should be better than the forum, the connection form practice in some large-scale blog, now is still very welcome.

One of the things that

itself: detection of website data, in the search engine to the site, outside the chain, and if there is a big update keyword ranking, it must adhere to the ranking of keywords, keyword ranking examination, from the long tail keywords to the main key words, one will not let go. If the right down, to find out the reasons, the reason is Links, or the website structure, etc., are to be immediately resolved, and this drop right urgent, must find out as soon as possible.

Shanghai dragon, often do things every day, there are many, five points above the feeling is still very important, insisted on

What What

four: using the forum, believe that a blog is what we need to do and maintenance, we often go shopping in the forum, the forum where the signature is welcome, is also part of a visit to the entrance, the signature chain now or have a certain role, at least the spider to crawl, there are good resources to make good use of it.

. Five: update a website, a frequently updated website for se is always more friendly, update the site, especially for an enterprise, although the lack of news, but still have to update because the update is timely, respect for se, in the end it will be updated, you will find that the spiders are frequent the.

happy farm hot collection of the latest online business opportunitiesImprove Taobao guest website c

go to work and to use the time to grow vegetables, stealing vegetables? There are people willing to help you do it, take a little money to help you harvest, let you concentrate on work. Happy farm hosting service Mindy: before the announcement of the news on the Internet, about more than 40 people have been commissioned, and recently started full of people, about more than 70 people." But after the national day, this number should go down.

then I realized that it was hard to do a Taobao site. You think so good, why go to the Taobao buyers to buy Taobao products from our station, rather than directly by Taobao to buy? Let them do that we can stand, and give them a sense of security? Maybe you will think back now to buy Taobao home to attract certain concessions to them, but this effect is very little, so I did not come through this platform, to return my back now.

by the way, why do I mention sh419 only here?. Because, Taobao shield out sh419 spider, so in sh419 can search our Taobao Taobao goods, or else

how can I improve the turnover? Is it true that the current amount is the Taobao commission? I thought about it and the credibility of the website would be the way out. How can we do it? I’ve been in every Taobao product page added "all Taobao products are derived from taobao, please rest assured to buy" and other words, but this is not enough, still cannot convince them of the. So I’m on each page is embedded in this product Taobao page using iframe nested, that we should all be right, is not introduced, but also increased the number of auxiliary work, thereby greatly increasing the "credibility and Taobao goods click rate. Take a look at my February Taobao turnover, please.

happy farm is hot, how many such little games will come out? Now no one knows, but the ranch is definitely out! Type and farm has certain difference! This is just the double reason, so this new trend of the new era of opportunities will come out! Is not only in the United States, Taiwan, Chinese, are the people of the game! We should call them the world happy farm.

, who launched the service, said Mindy, whose job is a publisher’s translation, is flexible, and finds that office friends often distract themselves from their work hours, even as their own children do. Mindy: "they play very crazy, meal, meal not eaten, rushed over to play, afraid of people stealing their stuff." For example, they go to work on the www.789ya farm as soon as they can pick up food every morning and spend 15 minutes visiting their friends.

is not difficult to find, I turnover in February has increased dramatically, but also more than a thousand dollars of orders, such as selling out a $5600 laptop, these shows, increase your credibility is very important to do this, the month earns 1000 yuan is not a dream.

can also see that in fact a look happy farm can often represent a city of people, at least I do not support the spirit of support is addicted to the game! Especially remember little kids in front of landing farm so that they have a bad effect. Tell them the good side of the vegetables and let them know that growing vegetables is meaningful, giving them positive effects. farms become another textbook,

according to Taiwan media reports, Facebook happy farm caused a lot of controversy, there are civil servants work vegetables were arrested, and the company has expressly provided, employees can access the planting time; happy farm caused so many topics, but now the workers do not get distracted, someone made up 1 new dollar 20 yuan, can help you to harvest. In the farm service, which caused a warm response. A lot of netizens suit, the most part is college students.

My Taobao

haven’t Admin5 on the site, optimization of construction, has been busy with work and my Taobao guest website, through their own efforts, their own Taobao guest website also began to have income, monthly income of more than 1000 yuan, is to share their experience in website optimization, earn thousands of Yuan relaxed month.

to help a friend, to help his son happy farm, then more and more people come on her, she also decided to help you when the network tenant harvest service two, provide the account number, password, day fee of NT $25, to help you harvest, also can help you to a friend’s farm stealing the fruit, no provide a new account password from NT $20, but only the harvest you farmland management.

From the above

guest Promotion Station opened also have several months, the beginning is no traffic and no sh419 included, of course there is no commission income the Taobao here first statement, I am not in the other blogs, forums and other ways of Taobao promotion, the commission income comes from Taobao the ancient Tao rebate network. Later, through some of the optimization of the site, sh419 gradually began to include my site, but also brought me traffic. It was quite happy, because of traffic around 1000IP every day, always want to have a person to buy Taobao goods, over a period of time after the discovery, I was in the day dreaming through my website, rarely buy Taobao goods. Here is a Taobao before I optimize the transaction situation in December. In December, I was able to promote only 23 items, many of which were bought by myself, and the average daily turnover was about 0.5 pieces per day.

[March 4th] A5, open class – open the WeChat marketing money era – advertising trading A5 trading ww

The A5 2014-3-4 13:13 editor to Xiaoqi

all engaged in network marketing, or to engage in network marketing friends

lectures YY:63002    reminder: click on the reservation in advance

, time: 20:00-21:00 (March 4th)         please ahead of admission

content: the open class, open the WeChat marketing era about money


2, invited to participate in buddy

3, take the initiative to help promote A5 public lecture



                Zhang Mengwei, deputy general manager of Nanjing cattle Friends Information Technology Co. Ltd; the original Amoy network co-founder, worked intime network, millet rice chat channels, large and medium enterprises of Zhejiang Telecom, Anhui Telecom, the successful planning Jackie Chan cross star summit Richie Ren concert and other large and medium-sized new media marketing projects.

Chinese search quietly on the line vertical search into the shopping site

360 search no ground for blame is a dark horse, in a short period of time to occupy the domestic search engine market second place. 360 what are the main factors of the success of the search? First, with the help of 360 browser and 360 antivirus software, the software is basically a rogue bound. Second, disguised as love Shanghai as it is, the fact that many white users did not find this is the 360 comprehensive search, thought is to love Shanghai. 360 search to quickly capture the large number of users of personal PC, let love Shanghai and love the sea through be caught off guard, technical means to stop the 360 love Shanghai grab information, there is a difference in their home to search 360. China search is not possible compared with 360 in the short term will not pose a threat to Shanghai and the 360 love, I guess Chinese search is not a dark horse, will not be the next 360 search.

problem: Chinese search will become the next 360

Question two: why

is currently the China search, personal thought is not a search engine, more like a business shopping guide website, the search experience is very poor, to be slowly improving. However, the user may be interested in those channels, through these channels to choose goods and services, it is the electricity supplier website shopping guide website. Should be similar to that of Taobao, get the order from the Commission, which makes me feel a bit awkward, China search like body version of shopping guide website and search engine. Let a person feel the novel is a newspaper column China search, through.

vertical search into electricity supplier shopping site

? ? The

March 1st China suddenly search on-line, its predecessor is said to instantly search and Pangu search, that is to say the two search engines have been quietly together. Similar to the video industry, the search engine also ushered in mergers and acquisitions, new Chinese search known as "vertical search", there are many vertical channels in China search, the current development of the local, international, sports, real estate, cars, shopping etc.. For example, enter the shopping channel, and then you can see a similar Taobao customer shopping guide website, choose the product after the time of payment will jump to 1 stores, Jingdong mall and other electricity supplier website, but I only found no jump to taobao贵族宝贝. Estimation is Chinese search without the cooperation and taobao贵族宝贝, of course, this is I guess.


is a webmaster, all day and love Shanghai deal, also had to consider from 360 search traffic, in my opinion, China search is more like a large shopping guide website". The search results of the user experience is very poor, but Chinese search is just on the line, from the analysis of search engine technology level, estimation Chinese search technology is no good search 360. But Chinese on-line search and the pattern of the domestic search engine may therefore change, if the 360 search and other search engine market share accounted for less cooperation. I believe that when the love Shanghai threat is bigger, but to be honest, 360 search and did not collect data in Shanghai love plagiarism,

Analysis of mobile devices and PC in paid search ads on several different

because of the limitations of the mobile device screen and keyboard input, compared to mobile device users search keywords to search for desktop users will be more short. In this study we can use some tools for mobile search keywords, such as Google Adword keywords toolsinquiries query. As shown below, we can use the keyword filtering options to find belongs to mobile devices.


desktop search

difference: mobile search advertising compared to traditional search advertising shorter

four: the difference between mobile search relative to the more localized

US >

three: the difference between mobile search keywords and user desktop search users to use


in the past year, the development of mobile devices and networks are the most surprising, driven by the surrounding market is not big. Impact is a continuous development of mobile search market. Mobile search plays a more and more important role. And compared to the traditional desktop search, mobile search at first sight may have many similarities, but when we carefully analysis, you will find that in fact there are many differences between them, especially when it comes to the user’s search intention of this one, the mobile device users and user desktop search use keywords and search methods are very different. The paid search advertising has deep impact, so in the mobile search advertising and desktop search advertising pay between what is different? The author on this issue to share her own points. As long as the understanding of these points will move to your paid search advertising help.

two: the difference between relative and traditional desktop search advertising you need more contact with

through mobile devices to search users because of the limitations of the equipment, compared to the desktop search users will be more impatient, in your mobile search advertising needs to be as straightforward as possible to tell you search your specific contact. See the ads users generally want to direct through telephone contact with you, we should as far as possible to reduce the user’s operation, the Google PPC launched a click telephone communication function. So the visitors can directly through the advertising information and business contact.

this difference must be very easy to understand, the mobile device does not like the traditional PC devices that have a large screen. Therefore mobile search users search advertising for the attention tend to be lower than the use of PC device users. In this regard, this means you have to pay in a simple mobile search ads try to express the content of your advertising, in the arrangement of simple ad reasonable important keywords.

Experience and feeling of a new Shanghai Dragon

first I also a Shanghai Longfeng novice, I could not have what good method to bring Shanghai dragon to you, the good shortcut to Shanghai dragon. But as a never understand Shanghai dragon to contact Shanghai dragon to do now of Shanghai dragon I, on the path and feelings is what I want to tell you. My literary talent is not good, but the technology is not high, we also hope the exhibitions. The veteran don’t post any stimulus younger brother’s comments, but still welcome veteran shortcomings are pointed out, it is not only I hope, all Shanghai dragon are beginners.

At first

QQ friends in a friend is and learn to Cardiff (I’m not any AD mean), but he didn’t have a website, not only theoretical knowledge, practical experience, know that now there is no one optimized website. When we talk, he said Shanghai dragon how powerful, but I just don’t understand why since yourself not good do? Now I also can’t understand why. He is a friend of Shanghai, home to a rich, does he think a rich two generations better do more (a topic is far away, we get that when I was)? After his recommendation to see only the last three years of party video look at this video, should know that a friend is top software, he is relying on Shanghai Dragon technology is sales, up to a month to sixty thousand yuan profit in it, I was determined to study at that time, Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon to walk this road. It is thanks to my friend.

I learned Shanghai dragon to do Taobao customers, we should all know Taobao customers. I have quite a lot of webmaster friends also because Taobao guest and started to learn Shanghai dragon. I’m from Shanghai to phoenix contact is now about more than half a year, about 7-8 months, but my technique is general not saying it a: probably because I did not find what good shortcut (because I learn Shanghai Phoenix are self-taught, no one took me); second: maybe I execution is not good enough, leading to the site’s ranking is not very ideal. Well, begin to experience and feel about the way I came.

because I know he has learned, after all he knows more than I, I will not spend money to find some training classes in Shanghai dragon. The problem is to ask him, but he is only some theoretical knowledge, there is no practical experience, some problems at the beginning he can help me to solve my problems, then he will not know. Then through my self, the first is slowly the website promotion website to do it. Here I want to say something, we do Shanghai Longfeng, must first be familiar with a system that can make the system template, so your site will have a space for one person in Shanghai. My first web site optimization, website directly copying the source files into the space to become their own website, only in management without any FTP background. In the next and >